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Cultural Exchange between Joint Programmes and London students

QMUL has over 2,000 Chinese students studying on Joint Programmes in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (BUPT). Each year, the top 10% of these students compete through a series of individual and group presentations to win a place on a trip to the UK.

In the past, these trips have taken place during the summer and the visitors have largely gone unnoticed by QMUL students.

This year the decision was made that Queen Mary should make an effort to involve its students in the visit. Working closely with the Joint Programme staff, a format was agreed whereby the Students’ Union would group the 18 visitors with 18 ‘hosts’ who would accompany our visitors on a programme of trips and also work alongside them on a number of group projects.

Assisted by a grant from the Annual Fund, an exciting itinerary had been arranged, which saw QMUL ‘hosts’ accompanying the visitors on trips to the Science Museum, Cambridge University, and the London Eye.

During the week, the students also worked on their chosen projects, reflecting on the differences between life in London and Beijing, which were then presented on the final day. Topics included street art, food, architecture, and transport.

Everyone agreed that the week had been an outstanding success and that as well as repeating the format next year, we should look for further ways of building relationships between students at QMUL and BUPT.

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