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What is the Annual Fund?

Thanks to the generous support of our alumni, staff and friends of QMUL, the Annual Fund makes a huge difference to the lives of students, providing support to students through hardship bursaries, excellence scholarships and giving them opportunities they might not have had otherwise. The Annual Fund is committed to widening opportunity and enhancing the student experience at QMUL, supporting those who need financial assistance and developing students’ key skills further.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who continues to support the Annual Fund and helps us to open new doors for our students.


Centre of the Cell: Student Explainers

The Annual Fund supported the Centre of the Cell in employing medical and dental students as part-time Explainers. This project aims to develop students' skills while providing paid employment to those in financial need while benefiting the local community through teaching. The Explainers deliver informative workshops to schools and families both on campus and in schools. The workshops provide invaluable mentoring and revision support to young people, many from disadvantaged backgrouns with an interest in studying science, medicine and dentistry. 

This has been an extremely successful project for everyone involved. The students have developed a range of skills, frm improving interpersonal skills to management skills. 

'My role at Centre of the Cell has allowed me to further develop my communication skills, which is crucial for medicine. Also, it has enhanced my teaching skills, another important skill required in medicine. As we come across students of different age groups and backgrounds, this has taught me how to adapt my communication skills appropriately according to the audience.' Farah, Medicine

'My role at Centre of the Cell has provided an invaluable source of income for me during my time at university, without which would have made my time here all the more difficult.' Matt, Dentistry 

'Centre of the Cell gives students the opportunity to work with children and young people on a regular basis, which is an aspect of our future careers that most people do not have much experience of. It has been invaluable.' Ben, Medicine



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