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Terry Browitt (Physics, 1962), after working in Canada for 47 years in the plastics industry, including 33 years as President of Terinex International Ltd the company he founded in 1976, Terry Browitt decided to retire from active business as of 31 December 2009.

Headshot of Terry Browitt

A resident of Hudson Quebec, he has always been active in the community and expects this to continue in his retirement. He is President of Les Sentiers Vaudreuil-Soulange a group formed to build, maintain and use hiking and snowshoeing trails in the county surrounding Hudson. He is also active in the local residents association and is Secretary of the Towns principal Curling Club and like many retirees he  has no shortage of offers to take  a place on the Board of many local community and philanthropic organisations. He has always enjoyed travel and took advantage of opportunities to travel the world during his years in the plastics industry.

Nowadays he travels with his wife of 45 years Louise, as they hope to be able to continue their tradition of spending a month each year in his native England. He is also blessed with four grandchildren whom he can spoil with impunity. 

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