Queen Mary Alumni

International Alumni

Over 190,000 Queen Mary alumni currently work or live in some 162 countries throughout the world.

Our overseas groups welcome enquiries from alumni in their own countries and they are pleased to help and advise potential students and recent graduates.

The groups foster social and professional networks through meetings, receptions, dinners and a wide range of social events. They also support the Global Engagement Office at recruitment fairs.

We have groups in:

Brazil | Canada | Hong KongJapan | Malaysia | New Zealand, Australia, and Oceania | Pakistan | Singapore

Please let us know if you would like to set up a group where you live and we will assist you.

Alumni Ambassador Scheme

Flags from around the world

For many years Queen Mary has been fortunate to have a small and dedicated group of alumni in countries outside of the UK, who have provided a link for alumni returning home after studying at the University. They have also offered support with hosting alumni reunions when the Principal or members of the Global Engagement Team are visiting.

We welcome your ideas and comments. If you are interested in developing this project further with us, please email us at alumni@qmul.ac.uk with your current contact details and the area that you work in - we would hope to be able to match students taking a similar degree and with similar career aspirations to yours.