Samar Naeem


LLB Law, 2003
Head of Legal at Euro Car Parts, the UK's largest car parts distributor

How did you find your time at Queen Mary?
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Queen Mary and appreciated the whole university experience. Queen Mary offered a great balance for students, providing excellent academic services in a sociable environment.

What did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
The law course at Queen Mary was very well taught as you cover a range of interesting modules and the lecturers were all extremely passionate about their field. This enabled me to have an invaluable foundation to start my legal career.

What, in your opinion, makes Queen Mary special?
Queen Mary played a huge part in my formative years, as I gained experience in how to live away from home and balance studying with an active social life. Queen Mary provided a fantastic environment together with the support to achieve that.

How did your studies at Queen Mary help or influence your career?
I studied Law at Queen Mary and I am now a Solicitor! I enjoyed modules such as Company Law and Competition Law which form part of my current employment.

How did you get into the jobs that you did?
After five years of private practice in Manchester, I decided to move back to the bright lights of London and accepted a job with Euro Car Parts as a Commercial Solicitor. My background specialisms were Corporate and Commercial Law, which of course helps in working for Euro Car Parts internally and to understand how businesses work. After three years in this role, I became Head of Legal at Euro Car Parts.

I had also trained in a number of seats when I was a trainee solicitor (property, commercial and litigation) which also assisted with the various matters that can arise internally in a business.

What have been the most interesting and challenging aspects of your job?
I love the variety of work that Euro Car Parts offers and the involvement I have, not only in a legal capacity, but from a commercial aspect too. I can honestly state that no day is the same. Matters can arise on property leases, litigation claims and corporate acquisitions and the challenging aspect is to try and deal with the differing legal matters, yet have the ability to gauge when best to seek external specialism. Primarily you are always working for the best interests of the company and that has to remain at the forefront at all times.

I also have significant involvement in the group company insurances which offers breadth and variety to my legal experience.

What do you do when you are not at work?
This consists of the gym, cooking, travelling and socialising.

Are you in touch with any alumni from your year?
I am in touch with many people from Queen Mary and not only alumni from my course, but from various disciplines.

Your plans for the future:
To continue working in the legal field and hopefully making an impact wherever I work.