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Sustainable Development Module: Reviews & Results

15 June 2020

We are currently offering all QMUL’s students an optional module on sustainable development. This course is part of our commitment to integrate sustainable development into all aspects of our operations.

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"The course is a brilliant introduction of how things can progress to becoming more sustainable. It was especially interesting to learn about different types of sustainability, e.g. social, economic etc. This is an understanding that I will carry with me and apply within my own sector of work. The actions that can be taken to improve sustainability are specific to each career and learning a thorough foundation can inspire thoughts to ameliorate currently unsustainable actions in your field”.

Sophia Antoniou (Institute of Dentistry 2020)


"I found the course thought-provoking and gave me a comprehensive insight into to the principles of sustainable development. The course was well-structured, clear and easy to follow. It had the right amount of detail and the content was very engaging. I especially liked learning about the various aspects of social and economic sustainability. The content is especially relevant in the current climate emergency and provides an excellent overview of the various ways in which we can achieve sustainable development. I highly recommend this course to other QMUL students!”

Kasim Ali (School of Geography 2020)


June 2020

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed the Sustainable Development Course during the month of June 2020:

Diane Fettes (School of Economics and Finance)

Emily MacDonald Maclean (School of Languages Linguistics and Film)      

Kasim Ahmed Hassan Ali (School of Geography)

Angeli Romero (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Simran Sharma (School of Languages Linguistics and Film)

Rafael Ernesto Cárdenas Ibarra (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Danai Spentzou (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Kimala Alfred (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Maria Cristina Mundin (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Marian Khoury (School of Economics and Finance)

Rana Khaled Naiem Hamdy (School of Economics and Finance)

Clera Rodrigues (School of English and Drama)

Harshit Gupta (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Clarence Guan Hong Tan (School of Economics and Finance)

Sophie Winter (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Berceste Elif Duranay (School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Ayah Khan (School of Geography)

Amoke Bowman-Boyles (School of Politics and International Relations)

Jim Xu (Institute of Dentistry)

Justina Naravaite (School of Geography)

Farhana Hossain (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Tian Sangha (School of Mathematical Sciences)

David Oluwatobi Ajibade (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Paige Louise Dawn Anderson (School of Languages Linguistics and Film)


May 2020

Zoe Malik (School of Languages Linguistics and Film)

Marta Tamborski (School of English and Drama)

Eleanor Thomson (School of English and Drama)

Claire Pascale Hurley (School of English and Drama)

Eva Marie Dunne (School of English and Drama)

Sophia Antoniou (Institute of Dentistry)

Scott Kurtis Heritage (Institute of Dentistry)

Madihah Akhtar (Institute of Dentistry)

Cameron Nicholas Reece Storey (School of Economics and Finance)

Mohammed Zayd Bounou (School of Economics and Finance)

Davina Sanjay Pindoria (School of Economics and Finance)

Randa Tahiri (School of Economics and Finance)

Reshma Balagopal (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Thalia Rose Coleman-Bélanger (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Emma Suarez (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Khushi Adatiya (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Rakibul Kazame (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Bhooumrat Saengsiwarit (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Grigorios Fylaktou (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Eleni Nicolaou (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

Georgia Lillian Vost (School of Geography)

Ekin Su Aksoy (School of Geography)

Lili Csenge Csorba (Department of Biological Sciences)

Elizabeth Alice Burroughs (Department of Biological Sciences)

Mengqi Ni (School of Business and Management)

Rong Zhang (School of Business and Management)

Email sustainability@qmul.ac.uk for further information about this on-going sustainable development optional module.