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Congratulations to the students that successfully completed the Sustainable Development Course on during the month of May 2020

Zoe Malik - School of Languages Linguistics and Film                        

Marta Tamborski - School of English and Drama 

Claire Pascale Hurley - School of English and Drama 

Eva Marie Dunne - School of English and Drama 

Sophia Antoniou - Institute of Dentistry

Scott Kurtis Heritage - Institute of Dentistry

Institute of Dentistry

Cameron Nicholas Reece Storey - School of Economics and Finance

Mohammed Zayd Bounou - School of Economics and Finance

Davina Sanjay Pindoria - School of Economics and Finance

Randa Tahiri - School of Economics and Finance

Reshma Balagopal - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Thalia Rose Coleman-BĂ©langer - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Emma Suarez - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Khushi Adatiya - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Rakibul Kazame - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Bhooumrat Saengsiwarit - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Grigorios Fylaktou - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Eleni Nicolaou - Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Georgia Lillian Vost - School of Geography

Ekin Su Aksoy - School of Geography

Lili Csenge Csorba - Department of Biological Sciences

Elizabeth Alice Burroughs - Department of Biological Sciences

Mengqi Ni - School of Business and Management

Rong Zhang - School of Business and Management


Please email sustainability@qmul.ac.uk for a link and register and complete this course that has been developed to promote the benefits of embedding good environmental practices across all aspects of our life.