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Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce


"I attended the IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce sessions In July. It was two sessions via Teams supported by a workbook which was available in hardcopy or electronic.

The course was very interesting and thought provoking. I am proud that Queen Mary is committed to Environmental Sustainability.

One of the strands of the course was that Environmental Sustainability makes economic sense.  This was certainly true when I decided to subscribe to my daily newspaper online.  Instant reduction in paper wastage, saving on the cost of buying the paper and the convenience of it being available on my phone.

Within the department we are also looking at recycling batteries. We are also moving towards managed PC to make it easier to pass PCs from previous students to new students".

Evadne Gordon, Dental Physical Sciences Unit Centre for Oral Bioengineering


The Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course is perfect for those working in any job role across all sectors. Participants are offered an opportunity to gain an insight into the most appropriate ways to embed environmental sustainability into the way they carry out their responsibilities.

This course covers the main environmental risks and opportunities facing organisations; the importance of resource efficiency; the impacts of pollution, pollution prevention and control and legislation; the impact of transport; and how employees can support the delivery of good environmental outcomes.

This certified continue professional development (CPD) course will be delivered by the Head of Sustainability. 


1 Day course.


This course is ideally suited for those working in any job role or PhD researcher. There are no formal entry requirements. 


A full range of training materials are available for this course.

This qualification comes with structured learner workbooks, a trainer manual and an online assessment coordinated by IEMA.

This course is an IEMA Certified course and certificates are provided by IEMA (including QMUL's logo) to learners who have successfully completed the course. 


The assessment for Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce consists of an online 20 question multiple-choice test and Learners must achieve 70% to pass. The test is completed through the IEMA assessment portal. All registered candidates will receive an assessment link from IEMA.



1. Knowledge and understanding of the main environmental and economic risks and opportunities

2. Knowledge and understanding of compliance obligations and business drivers for change

3. Knowledge and understanding of the main potential impacts on environment and sustainability

4. Knowledge and understanding of how to improve environmental performance



The course is scheduled for:

17 February 2021 9am-5pm

18 March 2021 9am-5pm

14 April 2021 9am-5pm

18 May 2021  9am-5pm

16 June 2021 9am-5pm

15 July 2021  9am-5pm

17 Aug 2021  9am-5pm

14 Sept 2021 9am-5pm

19 Oct 2021  9am-5pm

14 Dec 2021  9am-5pm


Online course.

Please book online at Course Code EAF001 or email if you have any queries.