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Queen Mary joins Tower Hamlets partnership towards a Net Zero Carbon borough

Together, Queen Mary, Tower Hamlets Council and partners are joining forces to achieve net zero carbon by 2045 or sooner through the Net Zero Carbon Partnership Action Plan.

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The plan has been given the green light by a ‘climate alliance’ of housing, education, health, the community and voluntary sector, and business organisations in the borough led by the council.

Under the plan, the alliance will work together towards the 2045 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset remaining emissions by finding ways to reduce energy consumption, create sustainable supply chains and nurture biodiversity through planting trees and greening the borough. This plan will focus on a fair and just transition towards net zero carbon. 

At Queen Mary, exciting and sustainable research projects across the University in fields such as solar technology, biodiversity and healthcare are helping to shape a cleaner future. The University’s degree programmes provide opportunities for students to better understand the climate crisis and work on possible solutions. As well as cutting carbon emissions across University sites, Queen Mary has also planted numerous trees around its campuses and the local area to promote biodiversity and capture carbon, and hosts events and initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the need to respond to environmental challenges.

To celebrate the launch of the Action Plan, Queen Mary representatives joined partners at a panel discussion with sixth form students at New City College on 9 November to discuss, debate and answer questions on climate action in the borough.

Dr Philippa Lloyd, Vice-Principal Policy and Strategic Partnerships and Chair of the Sustainability Committee said: “We are proud to be joining Tower Hamlets’ initiative to become a net zero borough.

“We all have a part to play if we are to overcome one of the biggest challenges that the world has ever faced.

“We are working on driving up the University’s environmental performance, and we look forward to working with Tower Hamlets on this hugely important initiative."

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said: “The climate emergency is one of the world’s most pressing issues impacting our lives and in Tower Hamlets we are working to ensure we are as sustainable as possible. 

“This means doing everything we can to improve energy efficiency of buildings, ensuring the council is powered by 100% renewable energy, converting street lighting to LED lights, and planting trees in our streets and in our beautiful parks.

“We are also working to tackle air pollution by expanding the number of electric vehicle chargers across the borough and increasing the amount of cycling hangars to encourage greener journeys.

“We welcome the Net Zero Carbon Partnership Action Plan and look forward to working closely with organisations across the borough as only by working together can we achieve the net zero carbon target in Tower Hamlets.”



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