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Earth Day 2021

The 50th Earth Day will be celebrated across the world on Thursday 22 April 2021. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Restore the Earth”. Therefore, we are using this opportunity to remind everyone that every effort aimed at reducing our environmental and carbon footprint will invariably prevent the degradation of environment as well as mitigate disasters associated with climate change.

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As we celebrate, Earth Day 2021 we are encouraging all colleagues, partners, stakeholders, friends and alumni to proactively explore opportunities to reduce their water and energy usage, reduce waste and recycle, promote biodiversity and the least carbon-intense travel options.

Let us know your pledges and actions for Earth Day 2021. Remember that restoration of environmental degradation occurs very slowly and could take thousands of years. Therefore, any positive action today, will contribute to making our Earth a better place for us and future generations.



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