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Queen Mary University of London has made a public commitment to incorporate sustainability principles and practices throughout its core activities of teaching, research and operational activities. QMUL's Sustainability Committee aims to provide leadership, coordination and guidance in the development and management of its sustainability risks, responsibilities, opportunities and to deliver continual performance improvement across all areas of the College.

The Sustainability Committee's role is to:

  1. Oversee, co-ordinate and drive continuing performance improvement across all aspects of QMUL in relation to delivery of the Environmental Sustainability Policy.
  2. Review and approve all key policies, plans, objectives and performance targets relating to Environmental Sustainability including, but not limited to, the Environmental Sustainability Policy and all associated strategies, systems and plans.
  3. Monitor progress towards achieving its environmental sustainability objectives and performance targets.
  4. Oversee performance of the Energy & Environmental Management System (E&EMS), ensuring that QMUL is fulfilling its responsibilities.
  5. Consider and prioritise projects, which contribute to the achievement of QMUL’s sustainability objectives and targets. This includes making recommendations in respect of necessary funding of initiatives for environmental/energy/carbon reduction improvements for discussion and agreement at Estates Strategy Board (ESB) and Queen Mary Senior Executive Team (SET) as appropriate.
  6. Oversee the activities of, and to receive progress reports from, QMUL’s sustainability working groups (see reporting structure).
  7. Co-ordinate reporting on, and communication of, sustainability performance (including endorsement of the annual QMUL’s Sustainability report) to both internal and external audiences through relevant communication strategy and plan.
  8. Report to the ESB and/or SET on the status of QMUL’s environmental sustainability performance, including its compliance with relevant regulations, external commitments and obligations.
  9. Advise on environmental sustainability-related teaching and research and facilitate collaboration across disciplines and functions to integrate sustainability into QMUL’s teaching, training and research activities.

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by The Vice-Principal (Policy and Strategic Partnerships) and features senior  representation from the following areas of the University:

  • Academic Faculties
  • Human Resources
  • Student Services
  • Student Representative
  • Staff Union
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology Services
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainability
  • All Service Areas within the Estates and Facility Directorate (Deputy Directors)

Relevant academics and areas impacted by sustainability related projects are also invited to attend.

Meeting Schedule & Reporting

The Sustainability Committee will meet at least four times every academic year and more frequently where necessary. Whenever necessary, these meetings will be rotated across the main Campuses of QMUL.

The Sustainability Committee will report, via the Chair, to the Estates Strategy Board (ESB) and Senior Executive Team (SET) as appropriate.

Please adress any queries related to the work of the Sustainability Committee to 

The full terms of reference for the Sustainability Committee are available below:

QMUL Sustainability Committee ToR April 2020 [DOC 112KB]