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About us

Reuse Scheme

Donate your unwanted items to give them a new life.

What is Reuse?

At the end of each semester the Students' Union and Residences teams run the Reuse Scheme, collecting donations of University essentials from departing students to give them a new life with students arriving the next semester. Since beginning in 2017 the scheme has grown and grown.

In May/June 2019 we collected over 1000 kg worth of items which are then given, free of charge, to new students at the beginning of the next semester, helping them financially and easing their transition into university.

Why Reuse?

By donating unwanted items to Reuse, students and staff can save perfectly usable stuff from going to waste. Your items will be given a new life, helping to reduce the University’s carbon footprint. 

Since the introduction of the Reuse scheme in 2017 we have diverted 2300 kg of usable items and growing each year. 

What will be collected?

  • Clean crockery and kitchenware
  • Other useful items (i.e. clothing hangers)
  • Unopened, non-perishable food
  • Toiletries (full & part bottles)
  • Cleaning products
  • Stationery

You can expect to hear more about opportunities to donate each May, June and December and get in touch with with any questions. 

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