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Waste - Where Does Everything Go?!

15 May 2013

There are more reasons that ever before to ensure that we are disposing of College waste in a responsible and appropriate manner - environmental pollution, financial penalties and reputation only name a few.

We are continually striving to improve our waste management practices by working against the Waste Hierarchy:

  1. Eliminate - To avoid using resources and producing waste in the first place.
  2. Reduce - Minimising the amount of resources used and waste you produce.
  3. Reuse - Using items as many times as possible to save resources.
  4. Recycle - Recycling what you can only after you have re-used it.
  5. Dispose - Disposing of what’s left in a responsible way.

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to dispose of your waste once you get to step 5 in the waste hierarchy.  To help with this we have developed a guide based on the type of waste that requires disposal.  

To view the guide, please visit Recycling and Waste.

If you need to dispose of an item not mentioned on this page, please contact the Sustainability Team who will endeavour to assist you to find the most appropriate and responsible way to dispose of your waste.  

Finally, remember that one person's waste can be another's treasure so look for opportunities to pass on your 'waste' to someone who might really appreciate it!



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