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Student Survey - Fresher's Week 2011

18 October 2012

A survey on students' views relating to the sustainability of the College was undertaken during Fresher's Week. The survey was undertaken to determine the attitudes, values and current behaviours of students with regard to sustainability issues.

130 surveys were completed over one day with a respondent randomly being drawn as the winner of a £50 voucher to spend at Green Awards.

The results of the survey revealed that:

  • 96% identified environmental issues as being important to them
  • 97% believe it is important for the College to ensure that its new buildings and refurbishments are designed to conserve energy and water
  • 94% believe that it is important for the College to recycled and recyclable products
  • 94% believe it is important for the College to use fuel efficient vehicles and alternative fuels to run its vehicles
  • 94% believe it is important for the College to consider the use of renewable energy sources for its energy needs
  • 93% believe it is important to have facilities available for them to recycle
  • At home (away from campus) students are regularly recycling: paper, glass bottles, plastics, cans, cardboard, batteries, shoes, clothing and mobile phones
  • The top 10 environmental issues of concern to students at the College are: waste, recycling, food/food packaging waste, water pollution, energy issues air pollution, water consumption, transportation, green/new buildings and hazardous waste.
  • The College needs to provide designated bike paths, more storage facilities, more bike racks and a loaner program to encourage more students to cycle to the College.
  • At home (away from campus) students undertake the following to conserve water and energy:
    • Turn off lights when not needed
    • Turn off electronics when not in use
    • Turn off water when brushing teeth/shaving
    • Use a clothing rack to dry clothes
    • Use reusable plates, cups and utensils
    • Limit shower time
    • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
    • Carry a reusable cup or water bottle
    • Make double-sided copies of documents
  • 60% of students have not heard of ‘Green Mary’ the student environmental society.
  • 85% of students have not heard of People and Planet’s, Green League ranking for universities and colleges.
  • When asked what one thing they would like to see change at the College with regard to sustainability, the responses were very close in number:
    • No plastic water bottles sold
    • All apparel made with certified materials
    • More bicycle facilities with easier access, better security and location
    • Improved online resources (rather than printed resources)
    • Leading edge recycling facilities

The findings of the survey tie in with the College, Sustainability Action Plan and the Sustainability Team is working with other departments and faculties to ensure that the concerns and interests of students are addressed. Stay tuned to see progress in many of these areas and encourage students who express concern with regard to the environment or sustainability to join the students' society Green Mary.

For further information, please contact the Sustainability Team.



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