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New Sustainability Fund

15 February 2013

The transition towards environmental sustainability cannot be achieved without engagement and support of the entire College community including students and staff at all levels. While the College is directly responsible for many environmental impacts through our operations, the College community also contributes significantly to its overall footprint through its behaviour, for example, consumption of electricity or travel/recycling habits.

The College has the ability to play an active role in encouraging and engaging students and staff in sustainable behaviours, making the transition to a low-carbon, lower energy future much more smoothly, cheaply and quickly. Additionally, behaviour and values learnt whilst at university have long-lasting impacts on graduates throughout their lives.

In order to encourage and engage further with students and staff a Sustainability Fund has been allocated to student and staff led, grassroots sustainability projects. This Sustainability Fund will be up to £500 per year, established out of the existing sustainability budget. The funding will only be provided to projects agreed by the Sustainability Committee.  It is not intended that projects will be led by College staff, they will be undertaken by the student or staff team that proposes the project.

For further details or to submit a project proposal, please contact the Sustainability Team.



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