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Lighting and Controls Upgrades

17 July 2013

Over the summer break a series of lighting upgrades are being completed in the Mile End Library, ITL Building and Queen’s Building to save energy, meet occupier’s needs and demonstrate how Queen Mary is committed to becoming a sustainable institution.

This summer the Estates and Facilities Directorate will be investing approximately £400,000 on lighting upgrades in the Library, ITL Building and Queens Building to help us reduce our running costs, reach our carbon reduction target and improve the lighting quality for students, staff and visitors.

The funding for the projects comes from our SALIX Revolving Green Fund. This revolving fund was made available to all universities in England to invest in energy efficiency projects.  The summer lighting upgrades are just one project which we have planned for the coming year.

The project in numbers:

Start Date 22 July 2013
Capital Cost £400,000
Annual Carbon Savings 381.28 tonnes of CO2
Annual financial saving £80,600
Payback period         5 Years


Mile End Library

We are replacing all the lights in the bookshelf and study areas on 1st and 2nd floors with LEDs and installing daylight and motion sensors. This will improve the appearance of the library making it feel more welcoming, whilst saving energy and money.

ITL Building

We are refurbishing the existing light fittings and converting them into LEDs. 

Recycling the existing fittings means we are producing less waste and saving energy.

Queen’s Building

We changing the light fittings and controls in the Basement.

For more information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Emmanuel Nibo.

To suggest any other potential energy saving schemes contact the Sustainability Team.



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