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Green Mary Day cont..

29 September 2015

Intrigued by Green Mary Day? Find out how to get involved here!



On 24th September staff from QMUL’s Mile End campus were intrigued by the sight of a 6-meter tall robot made of wheelie bins promoting sustainability advice and goodies (including free Fairtrade ice cream and smoothies) to over 700 of QMUL’s students and staff as part of ‘Green Mary Day’. Alongside the robots, QMUL Sustainability launched the new ‘Green Mary’ brand, which will soon be used to promote a diverse range of QMUL schemes, from recycling bins to energy saving initiatives.  

Staff and students were also offered free cycle security marking from the Metropolitan Police, and free bike maintenance and cycle safety training from local NGO, Bikeworks. In addition, Tower Hamlets Clean and Green were recruiting volunteers to help with a number of exciting local volunteering projects, including their popular ‘Adopt a Garden’ scheme.

For photos of the event, make sure you visit QMUL’s Facebook page. You can also follow QMUL Sustainability through our website, our Twitter and our blog to find out more about the events and schemes that you can get involved with this year.  

Staff and students can find out how to get involved with Green Mary below:

QMUL Staff

If the day caught your attention, and you are looking for an opportunity to get involved and help make QMUL a more sustainable place, the day also saw the launch of QMUL’s Green Mary Staff award scheme, which replaces the former Green Impact scheme.

The Green Mary staff awards are a fun and competitive way to make your office greener and more sustainable. The premise is simple: you form a team in your department or office, and complete a workbook of creative, sustainability-focussed criteria, each of which is awarded points. There are 3 levels of criteria – bronze, silver and gold – that get progressively more challenging with each level. You submit your workbook iat the end of May 2016, and you are awarded prizes and trophies in line with what you have completed during the QMUL Sustainability Awards in July 2015.  If your team achieves the most points overall will receive the coveted platinum trophy, which has been claimed by Mile End Library for the previous 2 years.

If you are a staff member and your department is interested in getting involved in the Green Mary staff awards, email greenmary@qmul.ac.uk. You can also follow QMUL Sustainability through our website, and on  QMUL’s Facebook page, Twitter and our blog to find out more about the events and schemes that you can get involved with this year.  

QMUL Students

If you are interested in getting skills for your CV, meeting like-minded students, and making QMUL’s campuses more environmentally friendly and sustainable you can join the Green Mary student group. Green Mary is QMUL’s sustainability-focussed student group. Its aim is to provide students with an interest in sustainability to take positive action on campus, whilst equipping them with the skills they need to become future sustainability leaders.

Green Mary runs in a similar way to traditional societies, with members and a committee. The committee roles (including President, Vice President, Treasurer and Social Secretary) will be elected in April of each academic year.

Green Mary offers a range of opportunities, broadly grouped under the following headings:

  • Social Events: where you can meet like-minded QMUL students, whilst getting involved in environmentally-focussed activities. Ideas for events include film screenings, cooking workshops, and environmental volunteering in the local area.
  • Sustainability Projects and Campaigns: which aim to make a difference to the overall sustainability of the campus, or the behaviours of QMUL staff and students. For example, stationery amnesties and giveaways to encourage reuse.
  • Leadership skills: through the numerous opportunities to because student leaders and ambassadors. For example, by attending QMUL’s Sustainability Committee and representing the group, or leading Green Mary events and projects.
  • Career Development: through the year QMUL Sustainability offer a wide range of training and career skill development opportunities for Green Mary students. These include Green Mary Project Assistant and Environmental Auditor roles, where students can volunteer to assist with the staff Green Mary certification scheme.

If you are a student and you want to get involved in the Green Mary staff awards, email greenmary@qmul.ac.uk.



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