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Free bike maintenance and cycle freebies at QMUL- 27th January and 10th February

27 January 2015

London Cycling Campaign are delivering ‘London by Cycle’ - a series of pop-up-style events to get more people enjoying the benefits of cycling across London.  All activities are free to students and staff.

Event Day 1
takes place at QMUL on Tuesday 27 January in Library Square at the Mile End campus. It will be a small warm-up event, to let people know about the upcoming main event and what will be available.

Event Day 2 is the larger main event on Tuesday 10 February also in Library Square at the Mile End campus. Activities include:

• London Cycling Mechanic - checks and repairs for your bike
• London Cycling Sessions - get more confident or learn how to ride
• Get into cycling talk - find out where to start
• Lunchtime maintenance session - find out how to look after your bike
• Route planning advice - learn the lovely back road routes where the air is cleaner!
• Bike try-outs - pick your favourite and take it for a spin

Find out more on the London Cycling Campaign website.



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