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QM achieves EcoCampus Silver!

18 November 2013

Queen Mary is implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) following the EcoCampus model.

An EMS provides a systematic way for QM to manage its activities to minimise harm to the environment from, for example, chemical spillages or waste production.

EcoCampus was designed for use by universities and breaks down the implementation into four phases: Bronze (Planning), Silver (Implementation), Gold (Operating) and Platinum (Checking & Correcting). Platinum is equivalent to the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO14001.

On Monday 18th November 2013 we were audited by EcoCampus to see if we had met the requirements for the Silver award. These requirements were:
• Demonstration of legal compliance
• Identification and prioritisation of environmental aspects and impacts (our environmental risk register)
• Identification of objectives, targets and the programme of measures to improve our environmental performance and ensure high risk activities are properly managed
• Review of our Environmental Policy

The auditor confirmed we had met the requirements and had achieved the Silver award.

We now start on the Gold stage. This consists of:

• Identifying resources, roles and responsibilities
• Identifying competence, training and awareness requirements
• Ensuring operational controls, emergency preparation and response plans are in place
• Demonstrating good communication
• Documenting procedures

To date, a relatively small number of staff have been involved in helping implement the EMS. Gold is the Operating stage and so will require integration of the EMS into our business processes. However, as managing activities to prevent accidents and protect human health will also protect the environment, we see the EMS implementation as complementary to the health and safety processes that are already in place.

Please contact the Sustainability Team if you would like to know more about EcoCampus.

You can also find information about the scheme on the sustainability website.



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