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20 March 2014

WWF’s Earth Hour is a unique annual phenomenon that focuses the world’s attention on our amazing planet, and how we need to protect it.

At 8.30pm on Saturday 29th March 2014, hundreds of millions of people will turn off their lights for one hour, on the same night, all across the world in a huge, symbolic show of support for our planet. In the UK, we’re consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources. And our reliance on high carbon fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas is over-heating the atmosphere and affecting the climate.

Earth Hour is your chance to show your support and we are asking everyone at QML to get involved by doing the following three things on Friday 28th March :-

1. Switch off all your lights
2. Switch off all your equipment
3. Think about what you can do to help our brilliant planet!

It could not be simpler switch off, save energy and support our planet! To find out about what is going on around the world check out the Earth Hour website.

And remember #doitinthedark to save the world, if you need an excuse!

To get involved in sustainability at QML email the sustainability team.



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