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Key Performance Indicators DEC & EPCs

We have selected a suit of established environmental indicators that are used to monitor and report all aspects of our environmental footprints. These key performance indicators (KPIs) will underpin our sustainability performance appraisal and reporting.

Our full KPIs are available below;

QMUL- Key Performance Indicators EMS October 2020 [PDF 632KB]


Display Energy Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates

The Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are the main parameters that we currently use to monitor the performances of our buildings. The average DECs and EPCs scores of buildings across our UK campuses reduced by 15.4% from 124.7 (2018/19) to 105.4 (2020/21).

Below are the current DECs and EPCs of all Queen Mary's qualifying buildings (non-residential, in-house residential and out-sourced residential):
Abernethy Building DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Arts One DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Arts Two DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Aspire Point EPC [PDF 117KB]
Beaumont Court DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Blizard Building DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Chislehurt Sports Ground DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Computer Science DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB]
Creed Court DEC 2021 [PDF 164KB] Cryo Store EPC 2021 [PDF 65KB] Dawson Hall DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Department W EPC 2021 [PDF 123KB]
Empire House EPC 2021 [PDF 126KB] Engineering DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Floyer House DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Fogg Building DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB]
France House DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Francis Bancroft DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] G O Jones Physics DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Garrod Building DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB]
Geography DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Graduate Centre DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Hatton House DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Ifor Evans Place DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB]
Informatics Teaching Laboratories DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Innovation Centre DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] John Vane Science Centre DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Joseph Priestley DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB]
Joseph Rotblat Building DEC 2021 [PDF 156KB] Laws Building DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Library Building MIle End DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Library Building Whitechapel DEC 2021 [PDF 125KB]
Lincoln's Inn Field DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Lindop House DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Lock Keepers Cottage DEC 2021 [PDF 122KB] Lyndon House DEC 2021 [PDF 124KB]
Mathematics DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Maurice Court DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Maynard House DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Nursery DEC 2021 [PDF 199KB]
Old Anatomy DEC 2020 [PDF 155KB] People Palace DEC 2020 [PDF 154KB] Pooley House DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Queens' Building DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB]
Richard Feilden House DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] River Laboratory Dorset 1 River Lab Cottage EPC 2021 [PDF 167KB] River Laboratory Dorset Cottage 2 EPC 2021 [PDF 300KB] River Laboratory Dorset Farmhouse EPC 2021 [PDF 280KB]
River Laboratory Dorset Office Block A EPC 2021 [PDF 281KB] River Laboratory Dorset Office Block B EPC 2021 [PDF 280KB] River Laboratory Dorset The Barn EPC 2021 [PDF 281KB] River Laboratory East Stoke EPC 2021 [PDF 300KB]
Robin Brook Centre DEC 2021 [PDF 148KB] Scape Canalside EPC 2021 [PDF 249KB] Scape East Court DEC 2021 [PDF 125KB] Stocks Court DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB]
Student Hub Mile End DEC 2021 [PDF 156KB] Students' Union Building Mile End DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Varey House DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Whitechapel Students' Union Building (BLSA) DEC 2021 [PDF 148KB]
William Harvey Heart Centre DEC 2021 [PDF 155KB] Wingate Institute DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB] Wolfson Building DEC 2021 [PDF 156KB] Yvonne Carter Building DEC 2021 [PDF 154KB]
7-15 Varden Street DEC 2021 [PDF 166KB]      

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