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Annual Report

Our 2019/20 Environmental Sustainability report summaries our performance against our environmental objectives and commitments as well as showing our progress towards embedding good environmental practices across all areas of our operations.

The highlights of our performance during the year under review are:


We expanded the membership of our Sustainability Committee to include additional relevant stakeholders. The governance group is responsible for the delivery of our environmental objectives and commitments

Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS) and UN Sustainable Development Goals:

We are pleased to report that we achieved Silver SLS status based on the self-assessment of our 2019/20 performances

Carbon Reduction and Responding to Climate Change:

Our carbon footprint (CO2e) reduced by 28.5% from 26,394 tCO2e during the 2018/19 academic year to 18,870 tCO2e at the end of the year under review

Energy Efficiency Investment:

We secured a £2.46 million energy efficiency loan from Salix (at 0% interest rate) as part of our commitment to deliver our six-year, 30% carbon reduction target

Energy Procurement and Savings:

We successfully carried out an energy procurement competition during the year under review and the savings that will be realised from our new energy supply service contracts between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2021 is £1.04 million

Waste Management and Resource Efficiency:

The total general wastes generated across our UK campuses reduced by 50%, but our recycling performance reduced from 33% to 29% between the 2018/19 and 2019/20 academic years. We have also continued to deliver our Reuse scheme and used book collection service

Construction and Refurbishment:

One of the recently completed refurbishment projects have been shortlisted for BREEAM Awards 2021


We have continued to maintain our medicinal and sensory gardens and 40 of our staff and 10 students have continued to use the allotments within our Mile End Campus

Sustainable Procurement:

As part of our commitment to influence our suppliers and contractor to embed good environmental practices across their operations; we are pleased to report that 9 of our top-12 suppliers and contractors currently have ISO 14001:2015 certificates

Embedding Environmental Sustainability:

As part of our commitment to embed good environmental practices across all areas of our operations and academic offering to our students, we are currently offering professional development (CPD) courses to our staff and students. During the year under review, 58 professional services and academic staff participated in our Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course and 68 students completed the optional module on sustainable development.

The full Environmental Sustainability Annual Report 2019-20 is available below. 

Please contact if you have any questions. 

Queen Mary Environmental Sustainability Annual Report 2019-20. [PDF 422KB]


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