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Environmental Management System (EMS)

Queen Mary, University of London is proud and committed to participate in EcoCampus and is a corporate partner of IEMA, aiming to create measurable sustainability impact through our Environmental Management System (EMS)


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Queen Mary is implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) following the EcoCampus model.

An EMS provides a systematic way for us to manage our activities to minimise harm to the environment from, for example, chemical spillages or waste production.

EcoCampus was designed for use by universities and breaks down the implementation into four phases: Bronze (Planning), Silver (Implementation), Gold (Operating), and Platinum (Checking & Correcting). Platinum is equivalent to the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO14001.

Please contact the Sustainability Team if you would like to know more about EcoCampus and the EMS. 

Institute for Environmental Management Assessment


Queen Mary, University of London is proud to announce our corporate partnership with the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment which has been designed to provide the support, skills, and resources needed for the University to create measurable sustainability impact in the workplace.  Being sustainable doesn’t just produce social benefits. It will make the University more resilient, more competitive, and better prepared for what’s to come, both in terms of changes in legislation and our rapidly changing climate.

As part of our commitment to embed good environmental practices across QMUL, we will deliver workshops designed and accredited by (IEMA). These workshops will focus on:

  • The main environmental risks and opportunities we face
  • The importance of resource efficiency
  • The impacts of pollution, prevention, control, and legislation
  • The role each individual can play in supporting the delivery of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Travel

London is a public transport and cycle-friendly city with a range of cycle routes which enable easy cycle commuting to all of our campuses, providing the opportunity to keep fit and reduce the emissions produced by the University's activities; 

We aim to actively promote cycling as a healthy travel option for journeys to, from and between the campuses with the following available to our staff and students;

See our student cycle guide below for some key information. 

QMUL Student Cycle Guide [PDF 5,203KB]


We have an active staff and students cycle group, who discuss topics like the best routes to and from the university, cycling facilities, and events for cyclists. To join the cyclists mailing group email cyclists@qmul.ac.uk.

Additionally, the University provides several onsite bike pumps and a range of shower and changing facilities available for use by staff and students on our campuses. We regularly hold free bike maintenance and security marking sessions across our campuses. For more information about the next event contact sustainability@qmul.ac.uk

Locally, there is free 1-2-1 cycle training available through Tower Hamlets council. Whether getting on a bike for the first time or tackling a particularly tricky section of a journey, the training is tailor-made to your needs!

Cycle to Work Scheme

As part of the Government's Green Transport Plan Initiative and in line with Queen Mary’s well-being policy, the cycle to work scheme aims to encourage staff to cycle to work by offering significant savings on the cost of bikes and accessories. It is a salary sacrifice scheme that allows you to pay for the bike in monthly instalments whilst saving through tax and NI exemptions.

For more information go to www.cyclescheme.co.uk/9b1f77 where you will find:

  • An online calculator to work out your monthly payments and how much you could save
  • A short video on how the scheme works
  • Shop finder for participating independent bike shops - just enter a postcode

If you could not find the information you are looking for, or if you have a specific question for the QMUL Sustainability team, please get in touch by email sustainability@qmul.ac.uk

In addition, you can get regular updates by following QMUL Sustainability on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter below.