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Cycling to university has many benefits – it’s cheaper, greener and a great form of exercise to build into your daily routine.

Our facilities

We currently have spaces for 468 bikes on our Mile End campus, 280 at our Whitechapel campus and 110 at Charterhouse Square. We have created updated maps to show where these bike racks are located and the type of facility at each site.

QMUL Cycle parking locations [PDF 1,789KB]

Cycle Parking at QMUL

16 of these spaces on the Mile End campus are secure bike lockers which cost just £60 for the whole year, with a £50 deposit that is returned when the year is up. Rent a locker near the Arts building or near the Geography building now!

QMUL tries to support our students and staff who cycle to campus and we are always trying to improve our facilities so please get in touch if you have any ideas or comments.

QM Cyclists’ group

We have an active cyclists’ group that you can join to keep up to date with cycling news and information from around the campus, you can also follow them on Twitter.

Free Cycle Training

If you work or live in Tower Hamlets you are eligible for up to 5 hours of free cycle training with a qualified instructor, either one to one or in pairs if preferred. Training is available for complete beginners through to experienced cyclists and, if you don’t have your own bike, you can borrow one for the lesson or use a Santander Cycle.

Contact Tower Hamlets for more information on this scheme.

Santander cycle hire

There are a number of Santander bicycle hire docking stations around our campuses. Find out where your nearest docking station is and how to hire one.

Your cycle route

There are websites that can help you plan your cycle route. London Cycling Campaign have a route planner - you can choose the fastest, quietest or most balanced route.

Free Cycle Maps

TfL have created these leisure cycle maps for us which consist of 4 routes of varying lengths that take you around QMULs campuses. Download the map here or email us at sustainability@qmul.ac.uk if you’d like a hardcopy.

[PDF 5.08 MB]

You can also order free cycle maps from TfL which includes signed cycle routes, quieter and less busy routes, greenways through parks and canals and stations with cycle parking. We have guide 7 in the office – send us an email if you’d like to get your hands on one.

Cycle Routes

Mile End and Whitechapel

There are now segregated cycle lanes along Whitechapel High Street, most of Whitechapel Road, Mile End Road and Bow Road, allowing for a more safe and comfortable environment for cyclists without having to take space away from pedestrians.

In addition to CS2, Route 1 of the National Cycle Network runs alongside Regent’s Canal by our Mile End campus.

Charterhouse Square and West Smithfields

London Cycle Network route 7 (Wood Green to Southwark) passes nearby to the Charterhouse Square campus and cycle route 39 (Hyde Park – Whitechapel) serves West Smithfields.

Lincolns Inn Fields

There are a number of London Cycle Network that serve this campus: cycle route 6 (Camden Square – Elephant), cycle route 38 (Aldwych – Tower) and cycle route 39 (Hyde Park – Whitechapel).


It’s important to make sure you have the right equipment if you’re going to cycle to Uni. An article by Sustrans gives some great top tips on what to wear whilst cycling and any additional accessories you might want to think about buying.

britishcycling.org.uk provide a list of nearby bike shops.


At Bespoke we are passionate about making London a safe place for cyclists. We want to understand where cycling incidents are happening in London, what types of injuries occur and how well people recover. As people who ride bicycles, our ultimate aim is to make cycling in London safer for all.

We need as many cyclists as possible to get on board and start reporting any cycling incidents or near misses to us. Please take a screenshot of your map location with a brief description of the incident to our email bespoke@bartshealth.nhs.uk, twitter @Bsp0ke or instagram Bespoke Study.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re commuting to work, or planning a cycling day out in our great capital, visit www.bespokestudy.co.uk today!

The Bespoke study is committed to an entirely neutral approach in collecting accurate and unbiased evidence to inform decision-making by transport planners, local councils and healthcare policymakers to make cycling safer.