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We’re always working to improve your experience at Queen Mary. Visit our ‘Tell us’ pages for examples of action that has been taken in response to your feedback. Below are examples of action taken in previous years.


Library services and study spaces

IT services and facilities

Careers, entrepreneurship and employability

Student services


Catering and shops


Students' Union

Schools and Institutes

Library services and study spaces

We want longer Library opening hours.

We extended weekend opening hours at Mile End Library.

We want better access to library resources.

The Library is: continually developing the new Library Discovery tool; helping students get the best out of resources by providing information literacy teaching; promoting Reading Lists Online and new digitised content module, allowing resources to be made easily available to students via QMplus; reviewing loan periods; and buying e-books wherever possible.

We want a better library environment.

A new lighting and improved switching mechanism was installed in summer 2015 and the water supply problem has been resolved. Work is ongoing to find solutions to heating problems

We want more study spaces.

We are installing more computers in the Hive study area. A project has begun to create more study spaces with power outlets and computer facilities in the Mile End Library.

We want more PCs and quiet space.

We created the new study space Canal Side at the Mile End campus and added 75 new PCs to the Library Hive. There are also plans are in place to increase the number of loan laptops to further improve access to the internet within study spaces.

There are not enough library group study rooms at Mile End.

We increased the number of bookable group study rooms by building four new rooms in Hive West and by advertising availability in the Bancroft Building. 

IT services and facilities

We want better WiFi.

The Wi-Fi refresh and capacity upgrade project has enabled students to get online more reliably from more QMUL buildings, despite having more than 20,000 additional WiFi devices on campus this year than last.

We want newer PCs.

All student PCs were replaced with latest technology touchscreen PCs.

We want cheaper and better printing.

The cost of printing has been reduced and the printers have been upgraded.

We want more lectures captured through QReview.

Additional lecture capture has been installed and is now available in 67 lecture rooms.

It was sometimes hard to find information on the IT websites.

We’ve centralised all IT information into a single IT Services website:

We want to know what software we can access at reduced or no cost.

We promoted the Student Advantage scheme which gives free access to Microsoft Office.

We’re worried about the amount of paper being used and whether we should look at more sustainable options.

The paper used in QMUL is now from a sustainable source with little or zero wood content.

Careers, entrepreneurship and employability

We want access to mentors to help me start my own business.

We launched InQUBEate, an eight-week start-up incubator offering you regular access to a team of mentors from industry.

We want more help finding jobs and work experience in other countries.

We subscribed to the international job search site ‘Going Global’. We’re also currently producing job search guides for five overseas job markets.

Booking for careers events is complicated!

We made our events booking system a lot quicker and easier to use –

There are different URLs and log-ins to remember to access careers resources.

We made all of our resources available through our landing page on QMplus, so now you only need visit one site to find everything (interview simulator, psychometric tests, info sheets etc.)

You wanted to book career appointments further ahead than one day in advance.

Appointments can now be made up to a week ahead.

We want more opportunities for students to gain academic research experience.

We collaborated with the Students’ Union to develop QResearcher, a programme providing funded research assistant roles with leading QMUL academics.

The Advice and Counselling website has lots of useful information, but sometimes it's difficult to find.

The website was redesigned, including the layout, eg making the opening times more visible.

Student services

We want greater automatic confidentiality at the Advice and Counselling reception.

We improved publicity in our waiting area to let students know they can speak to frontline staff in a private space. Many students have already taken up this opportunity.

The Advice and Counselling drop-in service is confusing and it isn’t clear what to expect.

We have renamed this to a “same-day appointment” system and have improved our description of what is on offer.

We want a better Student Enquiry Centre (SEC) with more space and improved facilities.

We moved the SEC to a newly refurbished and much larger venue offering one-to-one private meeting rooms, larger counters and therefore able to deal with more queries, information points and student PCs.

We want to be able to log requests for official QMUL documentation and submit queries online rather than have to visit the Student Enquiry Centre (SEC)

We introduced SEC online which enables students to request letters, access a wide range of FAQs and submit queries online.

We want greater disability and dyslexia support at the Whitechapel campus.

There is now a specialist one-to-one study skills tutor at Whitechapel.

We want a CCTV magnifier at the Whitechapel campus.

We provided a CCTV magnifier at Whitechapel.


We want to see more renewable energy generation on campus.

We have installed solar panels on our Mile End Library. You can find out more on our blog.

We want to see more recycling facilities on campus.

We are currently rolling out Green Mary recycling bins to all teaching rooms and offices. 

We want to be able to grow vegetables on campus.

We built allotments and a community garden, to be launched in spring 2016. Details will appear on the QMUL Sustainability Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We want more opportunities to learn about careers in the sustainability sector and gain experience for my CV.

We’ve been running a series of sustainability-themed careers events through 2015/16, including a Sustainability Careers Speed Meet and workshops in Green Mary Week.

We want more spaces to park our bikes around campus.

We are currently in the process of investing in cycle facilities across our campuses. Make sure you follow our sustainable travel Twitter to follow where the parking spaces will be added.

We want to know where the cycle parking is around campus.

We have created updated campus maps outlining where cycle parking is, the type of parking and how many spaces there are. You can find these maps on our blog.

We want to meet other students interested in sustainability, and influence QMUL’s action on sustainability.

We helped to relaunch the Green Mary Student Group and provide support and resources to its members. You can find out more here.

We can’t always find information on what QMUL does to make itself more sustainable.

We have restructured and updated the content on the QMUL Sustainability webpages to make information more accessible, and we’ve upped our social media presence, as well as including regular information in QMUL Student.

Catering and shops

We want clearer pricing information for loose items for sale in the campus outlets.

We introduced larger, clearer, branded price labels which are placed by all loose items and on shelf edges.

We want more healthy snacks to grab on the go.

We introduced a new healthy range of snacks, including popcorn to help sustain those with less time during a busy day.


We want more informal, smaller events which are low cost or free to get to know people in halls to give a sense of community.

We introduced small monthly events, such as quiz nights in Mucci's

We want more information on the local area.

We introduced walking tours of around one hour where students can join for free to get to know the area they will be living in.

We want more opportunity to give feedback on residences.

We conducted question and answer sessions with the Halls Reps and Halls Managers drop-in sessions have been launched. We have also promoted QR reader feedback at all events and developed our Facebook and Twitter presence.

We want one point of contact for all maintenance requests.

We set up the Estates Helpdesk to respond to residents’ requests at all sites.

We want a better, easier system to share accommodation available with other students than a current web-based bulletin board.

We introduced the ‘Studentpad’ message board as a better means for communicating accommodation available:

Students' Union

The cost of sanitary products is an unfair burden on those that need them.

The Union has now partially subsidised sanitary products across all Union outlets to make these products cheaper. We've also provided emergency supplies in the women's, gender neutral and disabled toilets in the Hub.

Funding is the type of support we most need for activities.

One of the funds we’ve created, the Club Sport Hardship Fund, helps students struggling with the cost of sport, such as travel and equipment. The fund is open for applications, please go to to apply.

Muslim students said they needed space to be able to carry out their sunset prayers.

The Union has worked with QMUL to provide additional rooms in the Bancroft Building.

We want the Union to run more cultural events.

We held a cultural festive event with the university in December 2015.

We want Meat Free Mondays and promotion of sustainable eating.

Meat Free Mondays run in every Students' Union outlet, offering 20 per cent off vegetarian and vegan food on Mondays.

We want more Students Union events that aren’t alcohol-focused.

Since the beginning of this academic year, we’ve already offered over 50 alcohol-free activities, including day/overnight trips every weekend; free workshops ranging from bath bomb making and Mandarin language to creative writing and DJing; new music in Ground every week with Coffee House Sessions, and our student-led Sound of Ground and spoken word events.

We want better showers in the Qmotion changing rooms.

We recently completed a refurbishment of our male and female first floor changing rooms which took place over summer and there are plans to complete refurbishment of the remaining two changing rooms this year.

We want new coaches for QMSU sporting activities.

Over the 2015/16 year we have hired 30 new coaches across our campuses.

We want more Get Active taster sessions.

We have introduced regular taster sessions in Library Square and Get Active taster events at the beginning of each semester.

We want to know where the Students' Union spends its money.

We developed an infographic that shows all income in and out, displayed in the Students' Union Hub.

We want more health and/or medical related volunteering opportunities.

We’re recently held a Health Volunteer Fair for all students.

We want more summer volunteering opportunities.

We offered a range of different QMSU one-day volunteering opportunities at top London charity events throughout the summer as well as advertised a range of featured short-term summer volunteering opportunities on our website.

Schools and Institutes 

School of Engineering and Materials Science

We want more project workshops.

We have introduced a number of project workshops for third-year students (how to conduct a literature review, how to read research papers, references, etc).

We want to receive written feedback earlier in the year.

The first written feedback on third‐year project progress was brought forward to Semester 1 (oral feedback still taking place regularly from the beginning of the year).

We want more timely feedback.

We enforce a three‐week turnaround time for coursework marking and feedback.

We want more opportunities to develop our transferable skills.

We have revised the first-year transferable skills module (with more topics covered) to run in both semesters, and have developed a new second-year transferable skills module.

We want more academic support for MSc students.

We have introduced personal tutorials and student-staff liaison forum sessions for MSc students.

School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

We want more in-depth feedback in the Department of Comparative Literature.

We are carrying out in-class peer review of teaching, and have circulated examples of best practice in relation to assessment feedback.

We want more opportunity to provide feedback early on.

Students from all years now have the opportunity to fill out a programme questionnaire to raise any issues.

We want support earlier on at Level 4.

We moved the essay workshops forward and provided advice on referencing.

We want more support with dissertations.

The Department of Linguistics has ensured that the dissertation module is taught by an experienced permanent member of staff and has increased academic support, including supervisor availability and more supervision sessions.

We want more support with dissertations.

We launched a Linguistics helpdesk tutoring platform involving second, final year and postgraduate students.

Centre for Commercial Law Studies

We want more feedback.

We are introducing mock exam practices with evaluative feedback.

School of English and Drama

We want timely feedback.

We publish on QMplus the date by which students can expect to receive marks and feedback on each assignment.

We want more support to help us adapt to higher education study.

We have introduced new non-credit bearing modules – Practices (for Drama students) and English in Practice (for English students) – which are designed to support you in your transition to university-level study.

We want more support in the transition to life beyond university.

For final-year students, the Drama department has introduced the Livelihoods module, which is designed to support students in the transition beyond higher education.

WWe want better teaching rooms.

Our Drama practice spaces have been refurbished and some central teaching rooms have also been improved.

We want a company research project in Drama as an alternative to the Practice-based research project.

We are finalising a module to be taught in 2016-2017.

We want a more diverse range of level 6 modules.

We've introduced more level 6 modules and more are in the planning stage.

We want free module packs.

We introduced free module packs in the School.

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

We want to access learning materials on QMplus after classes and lectures.

Staff are now uploading materials in a timely manner.


We do not want coursework deadlines around the exam period.

There are no undergraduate coursework deadlines in the exam period this academic year 2015/16.

We want lecture slides to be uploaded immediately after the lecture.

We have an agreement that lecturers will upload the slides on QMplus within 24 hours after the lecture has taken place.

We want fieldwork to be more cost-effective.

As of 2016/17 all compulsory human and physical geography fieldwork will be subsidised.

We want more flexibility in the timetabling of level 5 modules in Semester B for this academic year.

GEG5110 has now been moved to Monday afternoons so there are now two level 5 modules taking place on Fridays rather than three.

We want more flexibility in the semester timetable to allow for more fieldwork.

We have implemented a fieldwork week during week 12 of the semester.

We do not want Prezi files to be used for lectures and tutorials.

It was agreed that Prezi should not be used by staff or students and this has been added to the Undergraduate Guide 2015/16.

We want the module evaluation results to be more user-friendly to students.

We have made module evaluation analysis more accessible to students and have displayed this on the UG Information Zone on QMplus.

GIS students want more computers to use.

The UG Computer Lab (room 216, SoG) is reserved for GIS students every Friday from 9-11am.

School of Law

We want dates for feedback on assessments.

We published a calendar with all dates on.

We want the BA Law & Politics degree to change to an LLB.

It will be called an LLB Law & Politics from the next academic year.

We want more optional modules.

We have provided over eight new modules.

School of Politics and International Relations

We want better library resources.

We provided more electronic journals and e-books and spent tens of thousands on buying additional and extra printed books.

We want more careers support.

We created internship opportunities for third-year students.

We want more careers support.

Provided more access to the School’s Careers Consultant Jeff Riley, who regularly holds 1-2-1 sessions and careers events.

We want more careers support.

We added graduate attributes to every outline to make clear the connection between the modules you take and the skills they help you develop.

School of Mathematics

We want our views as postgraduate research students to be valued and listened to.

We have now set up twice-yearly student forums to hear PhD students’ issues and problems, and work towards supporting students in the School more effectively.

We want lecturers to be more enthusiastic.

We have introduced new training programmes for academic staff (including PhD students), such as a masterclass facilitated by the Public Speaking Academy.

We want Maths student support information available online.

We created the “i2 Keepin’ it real” QMplus page.

We want more computers and study space in the Maths Building.

We refurbished the Maths Foyer as a dedicated student space and included some new computers.

We want more involvement with Students’ Union societies.

We now work more closely with the Maths Society and run more events for Maths students.

We want more time to participate and get involved with sports and societies.

We do not timetable lectures or tutorials after 1pm on Wednesdays to allow you to participate in sports and society events.

We want skills-building opportunities to improve our employability.

We have introduced Microsoft Office Specialist Excel certification options.

We want specific information about Maths careers and employment opportunities.

We have created the Maths Career Club and we organise career events just for Maths students.

We would like in-term assessment marks to be easier to view.

All in-term assessment marks will soon be available in the QMplus gradebook, together with your rank and mark histograms for each module.

We would like more focus on student experience and satisfaction.

We have created a working group looking specifically at student satisfaction and the student experience.

School of History

We want our views as postgraduate research students to be valued and listened to.

We have set up an SSLC specifically for PhD students to discuss issues around postgraduate research.

We feel that the role of the PhD second supervisor is unclear.

The second supervisor role has now been formalised in order to give staff and students are clear indication of what to expect.

Institute of Dentistry

We would like more support leading up to our final examinations.

All final-year students in Dentistry are seen individually once a month by the Student Support Team, to support and discuss strategies for success and wellbeing.

We would like more peer support and advice about the Dental Foundation application process.

We arranged a symposium with our alumni, to discuss the application process and common pitfalls to avoid.

We would like more integrated Adult Oral Health restorative clinics.

All final-year groups are now supervised by at least two tutors, ensuring cross-speciality teaching and reducing waiting time.

We would like additional clinics in term 2 and term 3 of Year 5.

So far, 13 extra clinics have been scheduled between February and April. Additional clinics for Year 5 will also be scheduled in term 3.

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