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How to tell us what you think

Your feedback is important to us. There are many ways that you can tell us what you think and share your ideas for improvements, as outlined below. Take a look at the You Said, We Did page to see how your fellow students’ feedback has helped improve QMUL in recent years.

National Student Survey: final-year students only

Every year, an independent organisation asks all final-year students from across the UK about their experiences at university. Results from this survey give us an insight into what QMUL is doing right, as well as revealing areas that need improvement. It is with the help of your responses to the National Student Survey that we are able to enhance the student experience at Queen Mary.

Examples of how student feedback has already helped shape improvements in the past year are on the You Said, We Did page.

Queen Mary Students Survey: returning undergraduates

The Queen Mary Student Survey (QMSS) is an annual survey which has been devised, in partnership with the Queen Mary Students’ Union, to give you the opportunity to tell us your thoughts in order to help us make the changes that you need. QMSS is open to all returning undergraduate students. First-year undergraduate students will have the opportunity to complete the survey next year. 

Postgraduate student surveys

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is your chance to feedback to us about your time as a postgraduate taught student at Queen Mary.

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is your chance to feedback to us about your time as a postgraduate research student at Queen Mary.

You can find out about both surveys on my.qmul:

Students’ Union - QMSU

The Students’ Union represents your interests, views and needs to a wide range of organisations. QMSU is able to work closely with staff and management at QMUL, as well as working hard to influence the Government, National Union of Students, local and international businesses, professional bodies and more. The Union is independent of QMUL, it is run by students who are elected by students each February. The elected students are supported by permanent, part-time staff. You can stand for election or vote for fellow students every year.

Find out how the Students’ Union represents your views and how to get involved on their website:

Course, Year and Faculty Representatives

There are students on your course, in your year and in your Faculty that you can talk to and ensure your feedback is heard by the staff of QMUL and the Students’ Union. Issues they can help you with include lecture structure, library resources, timetable and exam clashes, assessment feedback, online learning and handbooks. You can stand for election or vote for fellow students every year.

Find out who your representatives are, and how to become a rep on the Students’ Union’s website:

Feedback focused meetings

Meetings to discuss student raised issues are held within your School/Institute, Faculty and QMUL-wide regularly. They are advertised in advance, and include:

  • Student Council: all students can attend the monthly meetings of Student Council to discuss and debate issues and policies. For the next meeting, look on the Students’ Union:  website
  • Student-staff liaison committees: student representatives from your course, faculty and year meet regularly with staff to raise, discuss and resolve student issues and needs. To find out when your next one is, please ask your tutor or department administrator or look on the central website:

Course and services evaluation surveys

You will be invited to feedback through various surveys that ask about your experience and opinions, from IT services to programmes of study and modules. Please always take the opportunity to complete and return these so that you can contribute to the development of teaching at QMUL. You will also find regular surveys in your QMUL inbox, so don’t miss out on the chance to tell us what you think.

Resolving a complaint

Any complaint made by a student is taken seriously. To ensure that these complaints can be resolved to students’ satisfaction, QMUL has an official process. The Student Complaint Policy is available on the QMUL website:

Support is available from the Students’ Union, the Advice and Counselling Service and student-staff liaison committees. Students have the right to appeal against an outcome to a complaint which has been through the complaints process, by making a petition to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIC):

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