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UG Open day

Members of the team are happy to visit your school and talk to your students either in a tutorial session or at an assembly. Talks are mainly aimed at sixth form students, but we are happy to work with younger year groups as well. Talks are general, not Queen Mary focused (although we are happy to talk about the College as well if you would like us to).

We are also happy to speak at any HE event for parents and to run training sessions for teachers/tutors on the HE application system, such as UCAS reference-writing. We also participate as speakers at conferences for teachers and careers advisers.
Examples of talks for students include:

  • Why go to university? And what can it lead to?
  • What, where and when? Choosing courses and universities: the UCAS system
  • How to impress in a UCAS form, focusing on the Personal Statement
  • Take the stress out of interviews!: how to prepare, what to wear and coping with the interview itself
  • Student life: the realities: it’s different from school! Advice on taking responsibility for your life, studies, food and laundry!
  • Managing your money: fees, loans and budgeting
  • Studying in London
  • The Queen Mary experience

We can of course provide a talk tailored to your particular needs and can organise subject talks by Queen Mary academic staff.

Mock university interviews

Staff are able to carry out mock interviews with sixth form students, which will give students the chance to experience being interviewed by someone who does not know them. Several members of the team have been lay-selectors for the School of Medicine and Dentistry and therefore have valuable advice to prospective medics!

Please note that we prefer schools to prioritise students who are likely to be interviewed by universities before receiving an offer.

Group visits to the College

We are happy to organise visits to Queen Mary for year groups or tutor groups who you feel will benefit from experiencing a campus university environment. Visits usually include a talk or talks on a general HE theme(s) such as student life, how to apply, etc, plus a tour of the Campus in smaller groups with a student ambassador. We can also arrange for specific subject talks or Departmental visits. Please contact James Ringer to book.

NB: please give as much advance notice as possible and note that during our teaching terms there are restrictions on room bookings so flexibility is appreciated.

Open Days 

Queen Mary hosts two major open days a year, one on a Saturday in the Summer term, open to anyone who wants to attend, including school groups. This is mainly aimed at year 12 students, but we are happy to welcome other year groups and mature students as well. 

The second open day is held on a Saturday in September and is suitable for year 13 students about to make their final UCAS choices (although younger students are always very welcome to attend). 

The dates of both open days will be confirmed very soon, so please do keep checking the website for information.

 Please email us at or contact the Education Liaison Office for more information.

OnQ and other publications

We produce five editions annually of OnQ, our newsletter for teachers and careers advisers. The articles are of a general nature and designed to be used with students making HE applications; you are welcome to photocopy the articles as much as you like. If you are not already on our mailing list please email Isolyn McKenzie to add your details.

We also produce an annual Parents’ Guide to HE (also mailed nationally), a Teachers’ Guide to HE and a guide to HE for younger age-groups. For back copies or more information on these please email Roisin Hurst.

Teachers' Guide to HE [PDF 3.38 MB]
Guide to Higher Education for Parents and Carers [PDF 344 KB]

OnQ - issue 74
OnQ - issue 74 [PDF 155 KB]
Volunteer your way to success; Careers and Enterprise Service; the Year in Industry; Subject profile: Economics and Finance

OnQ - issue 73 [PDF 221 KB]
Student Number Controls; Post-offer Open Days; How parents can help you through the HE maze; Subject profile: Geography

OnQ - issue 72 [PDF 181 KB]
University Mission Groups; what happens to your UCAS form once you press ‘send’; the Extended Project Qualification; subject profile: Physics

OnQ - issue 71 [PDF 244 KB]
Use the summer holidays to enhance your UCAS application; FAQS: Higher Education; A survival guide to Results Day; Subject profile: Drama

OnQ - issue 70 [PDF 177 KB]
Researching your options; Making the most of higher education conventions and open days; What to expect in the first few weeks of university; Subject profile: Biological and Chemical Sciences

OnQ - issue 69 [PDF 1.18 MB]
Enhancing your personal statement; Bursaries and scholarships; The benefits of taking a gap year; Subject profile: Modern Languages

OnQ - issue 68 [PDF 1.48 MB]
University: the city v country life; How to survive the university interview; Student life: we explore the myths and realities; Subject profile: Business Management

OnQ - issue 67 [PDF 183 KB]
FAQs: League Tables; Update on student finance for 2013 entry; Clubs and societies - what they can do for you; Subject profile: Electronic Engineering

OnQ - issue 66 [PDF 1.6 MB]
The Careers Service - what students say; Vital research tips for Year 12s; Support for students at university; Subject profile: Environmental Science

OnQ - issue 65 [PDF 1.86 MB]
FAQs on the application process; Preparing for university; Get to know your careers service; Subject profile: Politics

OnQ - issue 64 [PDF 223 KB]
Why work experience counts; Get the London experience; Decision Time: selecting two offers; Subject Profile: English

OnQ - issue 63 [PDF 302 KB]
Why choose an 'academic' over a vocational degree; Starting university: freshers’ top five surprises; Year 12 timeline: what to do when; Subject Profile: Engineering and Materials

OnQ - issue 62 [PDF 228 KB]
The ten (personal statement) Commandments; university: what are the benefits?; work part-time while studying; Subject Profile: History

OnQ - issue 61 [PDF 449 KB]
Update on student finance for 2012 entry; Complete guide to admissions tests; year 13 timeline: what happens when?; Subject Profile: Computer Science

OnQ - issue 60 [PDF 346 KB]
How to get the best out of open days; Starting university: meet the challenges!; Your UCAS application: which subject?; Subject Profile: Film Studies

OnQ - issue 59 [PDF 339 KB]
Choosing courses: ask the right questions; What if?…be prepared for nearly anything; Add a gap year to your degree; Subject Profile: Mathematical Sciences

OnQ - issue 58 [PDF 333 KB]
New media: make it work for you: Use year 13 to prepare for university; The Extended Project: good or bad idea?: Subject profile: Geography

OnQ - issue 57 [PDF 371 KB]
UCAS: what happens when you press 'send'?; The students' union: what can it do for you?; Value added degrees; Subject profile: Economics and Finance

OnQ - issue 56 [PDF 355 KB]
The personal statement: how to get started; Year 12? Are you ready for UCAS?; Into the Great Unknown: leaving home!; Subject Profile: Business Management

OnQ - issue 55 [PDF 311 KB]
Update on student finance for 2010 entry; Choosing a course: the career angle on non-vocational degrees; Options for studying abroad; Subject Profile: Physics

OnQ - issue 54 [PDF 191 KB]
University research - let your school help!; Higher education: what are the benefits?; Location, location, location...; Subject profile: Electronic Engineering

OnQ - issue 53 [PDF 224 KB]
Advice for year 12s on starting their HE research; Advice from freshers’ on university life; How to improve career prospects at university; Subject Profile: Law

OnQ - issue 52 [PDF 229 KB]
Final UCAS choices check; How to make friends at university; Using year 12 to enhance UCAS applications; Subject Profile: Modern Languages

OnQ - issue 51 [PDF 372 KB]
Graduates' vies of the university experience; Make the best of living at home; Results day and afterwards; Subject Profile: Drama

Events for teachers and careers staff

We and organise biannual Information Sessions for teachers and careers staff, normally held in March and late November/December. These are a chance for you to update your knowledge of the College and our courses.

We also run an annual conference for teachers and careers advisers each June. This is on a more general HE theme. The next one will be held on Friday 24 June 2011 on the theme of admissions to competitive courses. If you receive OnQ you will automatically receive details of these events. Please contact Humayon Pramanik for more information.

Student tutoring

Some of our students at Queen Mary volunteer to become Student Tutors, working with local schools as classroom assistants. They are useful role models for students who might not have considered Higher Education. The Scheme mainly works with primary and secondary schools in Tower Hamlets. If you are interested in Student Tutoring please contact Roisin Hurst.

Student mentoring

Queen Mary students have the opportunity to take part in a number of mentoring opportunities at local schools and sixth form colleges in Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Hackney. By building up a confidential one-to-one relationship with the pupils, the students help them to develop a more positive attitude to their learning, personal growth and development. By becoming a mentor, students have the opportunity to participate in valuable training and development activities and to make a difference to a young person's life. To find out more about the projects, please contact Roisin Hurst.


Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team with queries about higher education in general and the College in particular.


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