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Unite Foundation Scholarship

Information and applications for 2017/18 will be available in February 2017.

The QMUL Unite Foundation Scholarship offers its Scholars free year-round accommodation at Rahere Court plus a cash scholarship of £4,000 per year, for the duration of their course.

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QMUL will be offering five new Unite Foundation Scholarships in September 2016. These scholarships are designed for students who have previously been in Local Authority care or are estranged from their parents. Priority will be given to students who have been residing in Foyer or similar residential provision for young homeless adults in the UK, or who are living in temporary accommodation before starting university.

What is the Unite Foundation?

The Unite Foundation is a charitable trust, registered as a charity in England, Wales and Scotland. It is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by a very small central team.

The Unite Foundation was founded in 2012 by the student accommodation provider Unite Students. The company pledged to give a substantial donation each year to help young people go to university who might not otherwise have the chance. The mission of the Unite Foundation is to support young people ‘for whom a secure home is of particular significance’.

Since 2012 there have been 125 Unite Foundation Scholars across the UK; in 2015 four of our Scholars graduated from university.

The Unite Foundation works with a network of university partners who allocate the Scholarships using an agreed criteria. All applications for a Unite Foundation Scholarship should come through QMUL.

This film hears from some of the Unite Foundation Scholars about what the Scholarship means to them.

Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for a QMUL Unite Foundation Scholarship you should:

  • Have applied to start your first full-time undergraduate degree at QMUL in September 2016
  • Intend to stay in your free allocated accommodation for the duration of your degree
  • Have given Student Finance England ‘consent to share’ your financial information with QMUL
  • Be eligible for maintenance funding and have an assessed household income of £25,000 per annum or less
  • Submit a completed application by 24 August 2016

Priority will be given to:

Young independent students who have previously been in Local Authority care or residing in a Foyer or similar residential provision for young homeless adults


Those with exceptional circumstances making their current home environment extremely challenging.

What accommodation is being offered?

The accommodation offered will be at Rahere Court, Toby Lane, Mile End E1 4DW. There are 36 single studios and 148 single en suite rooms with shared kitchen/diner. The Residence is located in travel zone 2 and is close to shops and local amenities and within easy travel distance to central London with very good transport links. It is also located within 5 minutes’ walk to the Mile End campus which is on Mile End Road. The closest underground stations are Mile End and Stepney Green which operate the Central, District and Hammersmith & City Lines.

Scholars will be offered a single en suite bedroom in a shared flat with a communal kitchen; the flat will be shared with a mixture of other students. Your accommodation will be available all year round – including through the holiday periods – for as long as you are still eligible for the scholarship.

For each year that you live in the free accommodation provided by the QMUL Unite Foundation Scholarship, you will need to sign the normal rental agreement for your room.

You will not be required to pay rent, a deposit or supply a guarantor. However you must abide by all the other terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. In particular you are advised that persistent antisocial behaviour or criminal activity within the accommodation is likely to result in the withdrawal of your Scholarship and eviction from the property.

How do I complete the application form?

Please ensure you answer all questions and complete all sections of the form. The questions help us to assess if you are eligible for a Scholarship. If you would like any help in preparing your application please contact Laura SeQueira,

When will I know the outcome of my application?

The deadline for application is Wednesday 24 August 2016. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by  week commencing 4 September 2016.

Application checklist

Before sending the form, please ensure that you have done the following:

  • Completed all sections of the application form
  • Provided a copy of your Student Finance entitlement letter
    • please ensure this shows a breakdown of all loans and grants awarded
  • Given SFE/SFW/SFNI/SAAS consent to share your financial information with QMUL
  • Provided a copy of evidence that you have been in Local Authority care, or residing in a Foyer or similar residential provision for young homeless adults, or estranged from your parents
    • This may be in the form of a letter confirming your circumstances from a teacher, social worker, carer or accommodation manager
  • Completed your personal statement

Ensure you submit photocopies only, as originals cannot be returned.
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