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Experts from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary have lent their research, knowledge and voices to the tour. Read on to find out who's who.

Alastair Owens Profile

Professor Alastair Owens
Alastair is Professor of Historical Geography and Deputy Dean for Taught Programmes (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences). A historical geographer, he specialises in Victorian London life and runs the London Studies Masters.

Nadia Valman Profile

Dr Nadia Valman
Nadia is a Victorian literature expert at Queen Mary, with a particular interest in Jewish writers. She is currently researching the literary history of the East End of London.

Miles Ogborn Profile

Professor Miles Ogborn
Miles is a historical geographer at Queen Mary. His research focuses on the eighteenth century when London emerged as a global city, and seat of Britain's maritime power.

Professor Amanda Vickery
Amanda is a historian at Queen Mary and an authority on English domestic life in the Georgian era. She is also an author, broadcaster and presenter.


Parvati Nair Profile

Professor Parvati Nair
Parvati is Director of the Centre for the Study of Migration at Queen Mary. She specialises in the life and culture of immigrant communities as represented in film, art and photography.
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