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I didn't think I would enjoy my degree as much as I have done, you can choose where you're going in a way that you can't at school. At school you are following a track and working towards leaving, whereas here you're working towards the rest of your life.
Helen Pritchard-Smith, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

You can expect an outstanding education at a top university in a supportive and inspiring environment when you study at Queen Mary. You will be taught by academics who are passionate about their subject, and you can enjoy life in one of the world's most exciting cities.

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Rituparna Mallick

How did you find your academic and social experience at QMUL?

I loved the three years I spent at QM, most of all, spending time with my friends - be it studying, going to lectures and labs, going out for lunch, doing the courework and labs together - anything and everything! I was more independent than I was at school and it felt good to take my own decisions and take up responsibilities.

The best things about the course were the programming modules, which I enjoyed very much. The lab exercises were fun to do. I love the bit where a bunch of code just comes to life! I learnt a lot at Queen Mary. The lecturers I had were great. I always got help when I needed it even at the last minute before exams. A first year module prepared me for job interviews and presentations as well as helping me develop my CV. The study facilities were also great - the library has a huge collection of books, journals and ebooks, and the fact that it is open 24x7 before the exams was very useful.

The most interesting thing I did was my final year project. It was on handwriting recognition using Artificial Intelligence. I developed a user-interface in Matlab on which you can draw a digit, and it would magically give you its digital form! I had a great supervisor who helped me throughout, whenever and wherever I got stuck.

I’d give Queen Mary 9/10 in terms of social, leisure and recreational facilities. There are several clubs and societies that you can join at QM - even create your own! And you get to meet lots of new friends who share a common interest with you. One of my favourite places on campus is the People's palace where I have many fond memories with my friends. It is where we used to gather to study, do coursework, revision (and panic before the exam!), celebrate birthdays, have lunch - almost everything! Another favourite place is the canal-side where I had my first lunch with new university friends. Lots of photos and memories are connected with this place - fun-filled and happy memories.

I was a part of the Queen Mary peer- mentoring scheme (PASS) for two years. I loved mentoring the first years. It felt great to be helping out people who faced problems that I had faced myself and to give them guidance. In 2010 I became the student organiser, which I thoroughly enjoyed - the new responsibilities, leading a team of mentors, promoting PASS. This was a unique experience. It gave me the opportunity to develop leadership skills and overcame my shy nature since I had to interact with a lot of people.

I am working as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture UK. I’m really enjoying my current project with our client Vodafone. It has been a great experience. I have always enjoyed programming, and so, when I got this project I could not have been happier.

Plus, because of my background in Java programming at Queen Mary, I was given the responsibility of lead developer. I lead a team of three developers, working to build a web service to be used by Vodaphone’s agents at call and retail centres. I am currently programming in Java, but learning a lot of other things on the way like operating on databases, working with web-services, Java Server Faces, etc. There have been many hectic days with deadlines, but I have enjoyed every bit of it. It is being out there in the real world on your own, with so many responsibilities resting upon you that has excited me and scared me at the same time. But when everything falls into place, it feels really good.

Graduate profile:

Amanda Raphael

Amanda Raphael, PhD in the History of the British Natural Childbirth Movement

Why did you choose Queen Mary for your postgraduate study?

“I studied History as an undergraduate at Queen Mary and when I decided to take on the challenge of a PhD, the welcoming atmosphere and the wealth of academic expertise and innovation within the Department drew me back.

What kind of help and support did you receive throughout your course?

My supervisor was a continuous source of encouragement from the start, and I was also allocated a mentor. Being a mature student and mother to two young children, my requirements for study were flexibility, understanding and support. The great thing about Queen Mary is that I get all of this alongside the fantastic library, computing, research and other facilities one would expect from a University of London college.

Overall experience at QMUL:

The College has, I think, got the balance right: it is not at all intimidating, yet sets high standards for its postgraduate students; it fosters independence, yet encourages participation in seminars and discussion groups; finally, it offers the friendly and supportive atmosphere of a campus right in the heart of London’s bustling East End.”

Graduate profile:

Mohammed Akram

Mohammed Akram

MSc Digital Signal Processing BEng Electronic Engineering – graduated 2004

I am working as a Signal Design Engineer for Metronet Rail Ltd. 

Why did you choose Queen Mary?
Many of the lecturers are at the forefront of research, and the Department is involved in cutting-edge technological advancement.

What did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
I gained new skills – approaching problems methodically and analysing the situation, and managing my time and efforts efficiently.

What are your career plans in the next five years?
I plan to stay with my current employer for the foreseeable future. Also the company has a very structured process and scheme to enable me to gain Chartered Engineer status.

Salary bracket: £25-35,000

Steve Day

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary?

I chose Queen Mary as I wanted to study in London: Queen Mary had excellent research facilities and was located in an interesting part of London. The feeling on the open day was good - the staff and students struck me as very friendly and approachable. I was also keen to earn a University of London degree.

I graduated with a Law degree in 2001 and currently advise Network Rail on its history and consequent liability to adjoining landowners and the public.

How did you find your academic and social experience at QMUL?

My time at Queen Mary helped me develop my research and analysis skills, and I use the legal principles I learned daily. I gained experience of writing clear, concise reports and addressing all the issues in a case. Many of the lectures I had the pleasure to attend were perfect examples of public speaking.

The seminars I attended gave me experience of speaking in front of groups of people and confidently justifying my views, whilst being appreciative of the views of others. I also learned to think on my feet.

The opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills was invaluable. I am able to tackle any new area of law I encounter systematically and successfully.

This is an exciting time for Network Rail, with the railways of Britain being better maintained and performance improving. I hope to stay with Network Rail and possibly transfer to other areas of the company or take on greater responsibilities. I have already been involved in projects to build the railways of the future, and each day throws up fresh challenges to meet.

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