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Student life at Queen Mary University of London

Your time as a student is sure to be life-changing and we want you to get the most out of the time you spend with us.

Social life

Social life

Your time at university is a great opportunity to meet people and develop your interests. What's more, you have a world-class city to explore.

Academic experience

Academic experience

You can expect an outstanding education at a top university in a supportive and inspiring environment when you study at Queen Mary.

Laveena Ramchandani

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary?

“I chose to study at Queen Mary, because it offered me the exact course, atmosphere and culture that I wanted to successfully complete my degree. The best thing about the college was its friendly atmosphere and easy access to lecturers, office staff, eateries and library. There was so much to do on campus such as campaigns, voluntary work, special organic markets and enjoyable atmosphere within the restaurants.

How did you find your academic and social experience at QMUL?

The best thing about my course was the material that was prepared for the students. The lecturers were all very helpful and generous.  IT keeps changing, and the labs consisted of the top technologies we needed. The most interesting things were the practical things: programming a Connect a Line game, my final year project and creating a database for a hotel that I did for a coursework. In terms of teaching excellence I would rate it as 9/10, innovation 9/10 and study facilities 8/10.

I would definitely recommend every new student to be a part of a society and enjoy what QM has to offer. I participated in a Bhangra competition and came 2nd in the UK, I was a part of the Hindu society, a PASS Mentor (student peer support) and YELP Tutor. I was very happy to be a part of such activities because I learnt a range of skills.

Every department had a Careers Advisor, who was really helpful with my CV and covering letters and helping me decide what job would suit me best. Also they hold career fairs with top firms. Blue chip companies also come in to advertising their graduate schemes.”

Graduate profile:

Karim Boudjelal

Karim Boudjelal

MSc in Finance and Investment – graduated 2007

Working for Deutsche Bank in the City of London

Why did you choose Queen Mary for your postgraduate study?
After having studied Economics in the University of Toulouse 1, I decided to come to London to obtain an MSc in Finance and Investment. Why would a French person come to London to study finance? You all may know the City of London
is at the heart of the world’s financial markets. Therefore, I knew that obtaining an MSc in Finance and Investment in a leading UK University would grant me an added benefit in settling down in the professional world. I chose Queen Mary after researching widely on universities in the UK and establishing that the Department of Economics at Queen Mary was renowned for its excellent research work.

What did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
The Department of Economics at Queen Mary University of London offers you a range of programmes taught by well-qualified professionals, who will help you to get the best experience from your time in London. Moreover the structure of the MSc, a mix of revision classes, tutorials, and guest speakers keeps the programme intense and helped me to achieve
the best results. From a personal point of view, I enjoyed the warm welcome provided by the staff (workshop and events), which helped me to meet other students from all over the world. This has enriched my experience even more. As a foreigner I was also very pleased by the English modules offered for free which helped me become more confident. The College is also well equipped with excellent modern facilities, especially the gym.

What are your career plans in the next five years?
I now live in London and work for one of the leading investment banks in the world. I definitively think that studying for the MSc in Finance and Investment at Queen Mary prepared me more than adequately for my entry into the corporate world.

Graduate profile:

Shamil De Dodwell

Shamil De Dodwell

BSc in Economics – graduated in 2003

Analyst with Morgan Stanley working in Fixed Income Product Control after doing an internship there in my second year.

Why did you choose Queen Mary?
I chose Queen Mary as it is a College with a rich tradition and is one of the established colleges of the University of London. A degree from the University of London is instantly recognisable all over the world and I knew Queen Mary would offer me the right blend of challenges.

How did your time at Queen Mary prepare you for your chosen career?
Meeting deadlines at university taught me the importance of an organised approach to my work and I have carried this through to investment banking where we are always under pressure to meet deadlines and balance work and social life. The group coursework exercises at university also taught me the importance of teamwork and this is a skill that is crucial in this industry.

What ‘transferable skills’ did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
The computing skills I picked up on degree have proved invaluable. A good grasp of Excel, Access and Powerpoint will always help you in any role in the city. The learning curve here has been very steep but you are always learning something new so there is never a dull moment.

What are you hoping to do, career-wise, in the next five years?
Hopefully a transfer to New York, Sydney or Singapore! Morgan Stanley encourages the analysts to move around the firm and to their offices abroad so I hope to be facing a new challenge in a new team in the New Year. I also hope to have completed a further qualification such as the CFA or CIMA in the next five years.

Becky Scott Jupp

“I was torn between choosing a campus university and a university in the city; Queen Mary offeredme both! A campus bubble nestled in the heart of the East End. What more could you want? The location is fantastic – within walking distance of the campus are Brick Lane and Spitalfields markets, Shoreditch with its numerous bars, gigs and vintage shops and, of course, you’re only a few tube stops away from central London.

“I rate the academic facilities very highly. In particular, the newly refurbished library, which is a great place to study with friends or panic over forthcoming exams! Also, the amount of support offered by second and third year physics students to us first years is impressive. No one explains a tricky homework problem better than the person who was going through the same thing twelve months ago.

“I am a proud member of swimming club, snowsports society and the physics society. I think hat it is important to get involved in clubs and societies, meeting people with common interests outside physics – and the socials are fantastic! I also work part time as a Physics Ambassador, which means that every other week, over a free lunch, I reassure prospective students that the lecturers interviewing them aren’t so terrifying and talk to them about how much I love physics. I’m a proud geek.”

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