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Your time as a student is sure to be life-changing and we want you to get the most out of the time you spend with us.

Social life

Social life

Your time at university is a great opportunity to meet people and develop your interests. What's more, you have a world-class city to explore.

Academic experience

Academic experience

You can expect an outstanding education at a top university in a supportive and inspiring environment when you study at Queen Mary.

Durim Manaj

“QM was fantastic in helping me find my job. Before my job interview, they organised a mock interview with me so I could prepare for the kind of questions to expect. I was lucky enough to have secured a job before I graduated and I have really enjoyed putting into practice everything I learnt at University. I am an Incident and Problem Manager for an IT consulting company.

It’s great to see how things I learnt in a lecture hall are now applicable to real life problems. I work on one of the largest web Digital Solution application currently being used in the UK. My team designed the application used by 40 million UK taxpayers to submit their tax forms every year. I ensure that all incidents and problems raised by people using the application are investigated by our technical teams and fixed where necessary. I also have regular meetings with our client to ensure they are happy with the support we provide them.

I just loved the Queen Mary campus. It felt like a private little city within London. I thought it was beautiful and had everything I would need to enjoy my stay there, with student union, gym and library all being close to each other. I most enjoyed all the amazing and diversified people I met here, from friends to academic staff. I met people from all different walks of life and from so many different cultures, people of different ages and different ambitions in life.

The best thing about my course was the academic staff and teaching assistants. The academics were first class. All were experts in their field, doing research in the area when not teaching. That meant we always got the latest information about the subjects we were taught.  The study facilities were excellent. We had a whole three-floor building just for my department, running the latest computers and software that we needed to excel. In my final year, Queen Mary was invited to join the Russell group, the elite group for the best 20 universities in the UK. We were all very proud when this was announced.

You can participate in any sport you want to at QM. If you couldn't find a sport offered, then you would be given funding and encouraged to start a new club yourself. In my first year I participated in Football, Jiu Jitsu and University of London Officer training Corps. I carried on with Jiu Jitsu, and I'm now one of the instructors at the club and have represented the university. I received three Golds in national competitions and was given full university colours. Even though I have graduated I still train at QM because the place is great.

Socially, it’s a great place too. There were club events at the student’s union every night, and if you wanted to go to central London, the tube only takes 15 minutes. Overall, it was a great place. Even though I wouldn't have said this while I was still a QM student, the place I miss the most is the Library. That is where my most important work got done, that is where I had the most fun with my friends in the final year (where we were practically living in the library for the last 3 months) and it is where I met my current girlfriend.

For my final year project I created an iPhone application for a real company. It was something I had always wanted to learn how to do. My best moment has to be when I finally printed off my 60-page dissertation. I had spent 2 months learning how to create iPhone applications, another 2-3 months actually creating the application and another 6 weeks writing the report, reviewing it over and over again until I was happy there was nothing else I could add. The feeling of seeing your report getting bound is priceless. Four years of university work depended on that report and I was very proud of it in the end. So were my friends and family.”

Graduate profile:

Linda B McElwee

Linda B McElwee

LLM in Media Law, School of Law Scholarship Winner 2012-13

"I completed my undergraduate studies in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, graduating with a degree in Law and German. I chose Queen Mary based on the College's great reputation, its ideal location, and the fact that the college offered the exact specialism I was looking for: media law. Being offered a scholarship to study at this fantastic university is an absolute privilege.

Specialising in Media Law does not just mean learning about more commonly associated aspects of the law such as freedom of speech! This is a really wide area with a lot of opportunity and Queen Mary is the perfect place to begin building a career in it. Not only are you based in London (one of the media capitals of the world) but you are learning under the instruction of some of the leading academics in growing areas of law such as media and communications, privacy law, intellectual property law and IT law."

Graduate profile:

Shamil De Dodwell

Shamil De Dodwell

BSc in Economics – graduated in 2003

Analyst with Morgan Stanley working in Fixed Income Product Control after doing an internship there in my second year.

Why did you choose Queen Mary?
I chose Queen Mary as it is a College with a rich tradition and is one of the established colleges of the University of London. A degree from the University of London is instantly recognisable all over the world and I knew Queen Mary would offer me the right blend of challenges.

How did your time at Queen Mary prepare you for your chosen career?
Meeting deadlines at university taught me the importance of an organised approach to my work and I have carried this through to investment banking where we are always under pressure to meet deadlines and balance work and social life. The group coursework exercises at university also taught me the importance of teamwork and this is a skill that is crucial in this industry.

What ‘transferable skills’ did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
The computing skills I picked up on degree have proved invaluable. A good grasp of Excel, Access and Powerpoint will always help you in any role in the city. The learning curve here has been very steep but you are always learning something new so there is never a dull moment.

What are you hoping to do, career-wise, in the next five years?
Hopefully a transfer to New York, Sydney or Singapore! Morgan Stanley encourages the analysts to move around the firm and to their offices abroad so I hope to be facing a new challenge in a new team in the New Year. I also hope to have completed a further qualification such as the CFA or CIMA in the next five years.

Ines Jiminez Palomar

“I was looking for a degree that would combine my interest in applied science and medicine when I discovered Queen Mary’s medical materials degree programmes.

“I especially enjoy the Problem Based Learning (PBL) component of the course. The staff are incredible – they are always approachable and available. It gives the whole experience a relaxed feel. On my first PBL project, I was chosen to present the project to the class. I was super nervous, as I hated talking in public. Fortunately, the experience was exhilarating and refreshing.”

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