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Student life at Queen Mary University of London

Your time as a student is sure to be life-changing and we want you to get the most out of the time you spend with us.

Social life

Social life

Your time at university is a great opportunity to meet people and develop your interests. What's more, you have a world-class city to explore.

Academic experience

Academic experience

You can expect an outstanding education at a top university in a supportive and inspiring environment when you study at Queen Mary.

Zakirul Choudhury

How did you find your academic and social experience at QMUL?

“Studying Computer Science was really enjoyable. My Queen Mary course really prepared me for industry. I've gone into software development and most of the fundamental things I've learnt as a developer have been at QMUL. The course was also very intense, but this means you're getting the best possible value for your money. I'm quite sure that QMUL graduates are highly sort after. I met some amazing people: the backgrounds of the students were very diverse

I'm a Technology Analyst for Citigroup, in Canary Wharf. Technology is a huge factor in the fast-changing and competitive industry of financial  services. My role involves developing a software application that is used worldwide by the trading and research team. I'm typically coding in .NET technologies such as C# and WPF. I'm also using Microsoft SQL Server extensively.

All the skills I gained at QMUL have been easily transferable to my role, and I've also learnt some industry standards in my current role such as testing methodologies and source code management. I work as part of a very large team, which consists of very experienced programmers, testers, project managers and of course the traders.

The teaching at Queen Mary was world class: the lecturers were very passionate about what they taught and were also very approachable for questions and discussions. Academic facilities were also very good with improvements always being made.

Queen Mary has an excellent campus and location at Mile End. The east end is a very vibrant part of London. Having grown up there, I know it's very multi-cultural. You have Brick Lane, Silicon Roundabout (Tech City), the Olympic Village, Canary Wharf, and central London all very close to the Mile End campus.

The most interesting thing I did was in my final year: a module called High Performance Computing. It really was cutting edge. We now live in an era of Big Data, which consists of fast changing, unstructured and semi-structured information. For example, social networks and on-demand media such as films, TV- shows, music, photos etc. Cost effective and fault tolerant systems are also vital for businesses to succeed. New ways are being developed to deal with this new content. Think about how Facebook deals with its one billion users, when hundreds of millions of them can be logged on at any one time and the ever growing giant that is YouTube.

My favourite moment was when a couple of deadlines were looming, and I finally managed to get a program to work. The feeling was exhilarating; it's what drove me to become a programmer.”

Graduate profile:

George Hawche

George Hawche, MSc in Molecular Pathology and Genomics

Why did you choose Queen Mary for your postgraduate study?

“I completed my BSc in Biology at Queen Mary and felt that it would be an excellent place to further my studies.

I’m sure that an MSc in Molecular Pathology and Genomics from a world-renowned institution for Cancer Research will be of great benefit to my future career. I aim to contribute to providing the highest level of patient care whether that be as a Doctor or working in a lab to try to find a cure for cancer. I believe that the skills and knowledge I have learnt whilst at Queen Mary will stand me in good stead for one day working with Health Professionals of the highest calibre.

How was your academic and social experience at QMUL?

The new MSc teaching suite has excellent facilities both in the lab and computing rooms. The teaching staff is of a high calibre and a good mix of both clinicians and scientists, many of whom are leading figures in their field. The student-staff relationship is very good and feedback is actively encouraged, providing an excellent study environment. The programme is highly innovative and dynamic, partly due to the strong links between the lab and the clinic and partly due to the enthusiasm of the staff and the other students.

I am an active member of the football team and I enjoy going to all the social events organised by the Student’s Association.  Extra-curricular activities offer students a chance to develop new interests as well as meeting new people, keeping active and most importantly of all, having a good time! There are over 40 clubs and societies, so whatever your interests, you are bound to find something that interests you.”

Graduate profile:

Shamil De Dodwell

Shamil De Dodwell

BSc in Economics – graduated in 2003

Analyst with Morgan Stanley working in Fixed Income Product Control after doing an internship there in my second year.

Why did you choose Queen Mary?
I chose Queen Mary as it is a College with a rich tradition and is one of the established colleges of the University of London. A degree from the University of London is instantly recognisable all over the world and I knew Queen Mary would offer me the right blend of challenges.

How did your time at Queen Mary prepare you for your chosen career?
Meeting deadlines at university taught me the importance of an organised approach to my work and I have carried this through to investment banking where we are always under pressure to meet deadlines and balance work and social life. The group coursework exercises at university also taught me the importance of teamwork and this is a skill that is crucial in this industry.

What ‘transferable skills’ did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
The computing skills I picked up on degree have proved invaluable. A good grasp of Excel, Access and Powerpoint will always help you in any role in the city. The learning curve here has been very steep but you are always learning something new so there is never a dull moment.

What are you hoping to do, career-wise, in the next five years?
Hopefully a transfer to New York, Sydney or Singapore! Morgan Stanley encourages the analysts to move around the firm and to their offices abroad so I hope to be facing a new challenge in a new team in the New Year. I also hope to have completed a further qualification such as the CFA or CIMA in the next five years.

Adam Brown

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary?

“Queen Mary was always the obvious choice for me. Not only is the School of Law well regarded by employers but its location in London is ideal for finding potential internships.

“As a School of Law Bursary winner, I was without the constant financial worry I had initially expected and consequently, I was able to fully commit to my studies. For example, I competed in the George Hinde Moot Competition which enabled me to showcase my advocacy skills to a practicing judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court. Experiences like this are invaluable.

How did you find your academic experience at QMUL?

“Attending lectures led by academics at the forefront of their respective areas of expertise is not to be underestimated. Law demands individual hard work but it is reassuring to know that the teaching staff will be on hand to help answer questions one may have, whether that be via email or through their weekly office hours. The contact time Queen Mary professors offer to students is undoubtedly one of the School’s strengths and enhances your learning experience.”

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