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Student life at Queen Mary University of London

Your time as a student is sure to be life-changing and we want you to get the most out of the time you spend with us.

Social life

Social life

Your time at university is a great opportunity to meet people and develop your interests. What's more, you have a world-class city to explore.

Academic experience

Academic experience

You can expect an outstanding education at a top university in a supportive and inspiring environment when you study at Queen Mary.

Noor Al-Humaidhi

Noor Al-Humaidhi

How did you find your academic and social experience at QMUL?

“All the teaching staff took the time to explain the intricacies of the law that I did not understand (having done a Medicine degree) and were always interested in my thoughts and opinions. The programme was set up as a series of seminars, so we were not just lectured but encouraged to prepare background reading and engage in discussion.

The programme has been a wonderful opportunity for me to examine the day-to-day duties of a doctor in a completely different light. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the medical field as it forces you to question and re-examine issues that you may have thought were simple and straight forward.”

Graduate profile:

Amanda Raphael

Amanda Raphael, PhD in the History of the British Natural Childbirth Movement

Why did you choose Queen Mary for your postgraduate study?

“I studied History as an undergraduate at Queen Mary and when I decided to take on the challenge of a PhD, the welcoming atmosphere and the wealth of academic expertise and innovation within the Department drew me back.

What kind of help and support did you receive throughout your course?

My supervisor was a continuous source of encouragement from the start, and I was also allocated a mentor. Being a mature student and mother to two young children, my requirements for study were flexibility, understanding and support. The great thing about Queen Mary is that I get all of this alongside the fantastic library, computing, research and other facilities one would expect from a University of London college.

Overall experience at QMUL:

The College has, I think, got the balance right: it is not at all intimidating, yet sets high standards for its postgraduate students; it fosters independence, yet encourages participation in seminars and discussion groups; finally, it offers the friendly and supportive atmosphere of a campus right in the heart of London’s bustling East End.”

Graduate profile:

Shamil De Dodwell

Shamil De Dodwell

BSc in Economics – graduated in 2003

Analyst with Morgan Stanley working in Fixed Income Product Control after doing an internship there in my second year.

Why did you choose Queen Mary?
I chose Queen Mary as it is a College with a rich tradition and is one of the established colleges of the University of London. A degree from the University of London is instantly recognisable all over the world and I knew Queen Mary would offer me the right blend of challenges.

How did your time at Queen Mary prepare you for your chosen career?
Meeting deadlines at university taught me the importance of an organised approach to my work and I have carried this through to investment banking where we are always under pressure to meet deadlines and balance work and social life. The group coursework exercises at university also taught me the importance of teamwork and this is a skill that is crucial in this industry.

What ‘transferable skills’ did you gain from your time at Queen Mary?
The computing skills I picked up on degree have proved invaluable. A good grasp of Excel, Access and Powerpoint will always help you in any role in the city. The learning curve here has been very steep but you are always learning something new so there is never a dull moment.

What are you hoping to do, career-wise, in the next five years?
Hopefully a transfer to New York, Sydney or Singapore! Morgan Stanley encourages the analysts to move around the firm and to their offices abroad so I hope to be facing a new challenge in a new team in the New Year. I also hope to have completed a further qualification such as the CFA or CIMA in the next five years.

Naman Chhabra

Business Management

“After completing my school in New Delhi, the first thing on my mind was to find an institution that would enhance my future career prospects by providing a practical and innovative learning experience. For me, the most essential things were the standing of the university on a global level and the rank of the business school. It didn’t take me long to zero in on Queen Mary.

“My first year at Queen Mary has been a fantastic experience. The Business School has totally proved the worth of its high rankings. I have found the modules highly innovative and intriguing. In one of my modules, for example, I learnt about global business situations not only from a textbook and lectures but by watching Hollywood movies. This might sound a bit absurd at first glance, but after going through the whole process, I realised that it’s an extremely practical and intelligent way of
learning business.

“All the teachers are highly supportive and try their level best to elucidate a particular topic, whether with the help of visual gadgets, in lectures or through extensive discussion in small seminar groups.

“Apart from the academic front, Queen Mary also has a very strong social culture. I joined the Hindu Society and the Business Society, which helped me to socialise with business students from other years and stay in touch with my culture while I’m away from home.”

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