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Winners of the 2013 Lucy Hawking Prize for Best Public Engagement Resource

The Lucy Hawking Prize for best public engagement resource was presented to Robin Whitty for Theorem of the Day: a web-based 'art gallery' of mathematical theorems. 

This project aims to celebrate the beauty of mathematics through its theorems. There are currently 200 one-page descriptions of these theorems, and every day there is a different 'Theorem of the Day'. In addition there is a glossary, bibliography, alphabetical index, and index of featured mathematicians; public mathematics events are publicised in an events listing; and items of mathematical news are posted regularly. There is a separate listing of theorems by women mathematicians and this gives rise, sporadically, to the issue of a calendar called "12 Theorems by Women Mathematicians" (three have thus far appeared). 

Highly Commended 

Gavin Giovannoni, for his work on the Barts and London multiple sclerosis research website, which aims to disseminate research information and the latest clinical trial results/treatment options to patients at Barts and the London. Questions related to the posts can be submitted and are answered by the members of the blog team.  The blog aims to give a balanced but frank opinion on the latest research and clinical trials in MS both good and bad. Posts on the latest research are uploaded on a daily basis. Guest posts from leaders in the field on hot topics are also uploaded on an occasional basis. 

The Help in Need Association, a registered charity run by medical and dental students from Barts and the London since 1982. They aim to relieve people of distress and support those who are sick and give those in need of opportunities a chance to have one. During the past year, they have donated over £900 to various individuals for various social difficulties in order to support the people of Tower Hamlets and the East London Thames Deanery.

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