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The Engagement and Enterprise 2015 Public Engagement category sought to recognise and reward outstanding achievement in involving the public with QMUL research and teaching. 

Across seven categories, including two individual named awards, nominees were recognised displaying a full range of engagement activity, from influencing policy makers to inspiring children, from sci/art exhibitions to collaborations with NGO's, museums and international communities.

Inspire Award

Inspire Award

For those who have used the wonder of research to inspire people.

Winner: Kam's Romeo & Juliet: Co-creating Interactive Drama Across Cultures, Dr. Nick Bryan-Kinns, Dr. Ben Bengler, Dr. Wei Wang (Hunan University)

For their work with the Kam ethnic minority group in rural China and Hunan University, co‑creating an interactive drama based on traditional Kam stories using Interaction Design research. Project Poster

Highly Commended: The Carnival of Lost Emotions, Chris Millard & Rebecca O'Neal

For their performances demonstrating emotional states from history that no longer exist, using props and performance to stimulate discussion about the relationship between humans, biology, history and culture. Project Poster

Highly Commended: ArtNeuro, Supatra Marsh & Jamie Upton

For their exploration of the world of neuroscience through the visual arts. Over 30 artists and neuroscientists worked together to illustrate the importance of current neuroscience research to the public, culminating in a thought-provoking visual experience inspiring conversations about all aspects of the brain. Project Poster

Inform Award (Communications)  

Inform Award

For disseminating QMUL’s research to a wider audience - through traditional news media, opinion pieces and blogs, or by engaging with audiences on social media - raising awareness and increasing media coverage.

Winner: The International State Crime Initiative

For their work raising international media awareness of the Burmese government’s genocidal practices against the minority Rohingya population. Project Poster

Highly Commended: The Barts Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog, Gavin Giovannoni & David Baker

For a blog that has become one of the most influential resources about MS Research news in the world. Updated daily, it provides a direct communication between QMUL researchers and a global patient community. Project Poster

Highly Commended: The Alice Look, Kiera Vaclavik

For work disseminating the results of her research on Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland in relation to fashion and dress through a range of outlets including interviews (print, radio and TV) and the ‘Alice Look’ exhibition. Project Poster

Involve Award

Involve Award

For activity where the public can contribute their knowledge, expertise or time to research.

Winner: Warblr

A phone app that automatically identifies birds by their song, while also gathering data for a citizen science initiative to map geolocated bird sounds. Project Poster

Highly Commended: Airway Cells and Air Pollution (ACAP) study in Schools

A study taking research into the classroom to investigate the impact of air pollution on immune cells within children’s lungs, using these activities to also information to be used in their research. Project Poster

Highly Commended: Do I Have to Go? Child-led Research into a Children’s attitudes to Dentists

For work on a new performance based system developed to involve 9-10 year old school students in formulating their own research questions and carrying out the research themselves. Project Poster

Influence Award

Influence Award

For activity where research has been used to change the way that things are done.

Winner: Science-led Conservation of Turtles, The Turtle Project

A project using technology and education to engage with local authorities, communities and students, raising awareness of the fate of endangered marine turtles in Cape Verde. Project Poster

Highly Commended: AccessiblePeakMeter, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Tony Stockman, Oussama Metatla, Fiore Martin 

A plug-in which makes Digital Audio Workstations accessible to audio producers with visual impairments, allowing them to record and edit digital audio by using sound to represent signal levels. Project Poster

Interact Award

Interact Award

This award recognises the partnerships and collaborations that are essential to public engagement.

Winner: Ragged Children, Mended Lives? Childhood, Poverty and Philanthropy in Late Victorian London

A permanent gallery display and set of educational resources at the Ragged School exploring the issue of poverty, precarity, poor health and emigration on the children of the late-nineteenth-century East End. Project Poster

Highly Commended: Centre for Studies of Home, Alison Blunt

An inter-disciplinary partnership between QMUL and The Geffrye Museum of the Home which has had much success with collaborative research and public engagement projects. Project Poster

Highly Commended: How We Read, Matthew Rubery

An interactive exhibition exploring the history of assistive technologies designed to help blind people read, featuring a wide array of artefacts matched with performances and interactive activities. Project Poster

The Hawking award for Developed Understanding of Public Engagement

Named for Lucy Hawking, novelist and daughter of Stephen Hawking this award reflects Lucy’s qualities of reflexive, cooperative working, and her understanding of how to bring together research and engagement, this award is given to an individual to acknowledge their own critical thinking in the field of public engagement.

Hawking Award

Winner: Magda Osman

For a varied range of work in engagement, including Public debates, blogs for magazines and newspapers, podcasts and TV work. Magda demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the importance of public engagement to both higher education institutions and to researchers themselves.

 Project Poster

The Garriott Award for Leadership in Public Engagement

Named for Richard Gariott, entrepreneur and astronaut this award reflects Richard’s qualities of innovation and leadership, being at the forefront of his field, this award is given to an individual to reflect the extensive work they have done in pushing forward the public engagement agenda, and developing others around them.

Gariott Award

Winner: Fran Balkwill

For a long history of excellence in public engagement, including her extensive work establishing the Centre of the Cell science education centre based in the Blizard Institute which saw its 100,000th visitor earlier this year.

 Project Poster

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