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Our Space

Young people and educators can discover and download digital resources related to science and space, including videos made on the international space station.

The International Space Station above Earth
  • School/Institute/Department: School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Subjects: Physics, Space
  • Audience: KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

Our Space is a website for young people and educators to discover and download videos, pictures and other digital resources to use in their own video stories, 'mashups', projects or resources, all available completely FREE OF CHARGE!

All of the material on the site has been made available for use under a special license for educational purposes only. It has been provided through the generosity of a range of Partners, and as long as it is used responsibly and for genuinely educational, non-commercial purposes only, and is not distributed further afield, you can use it as creatively and inventively as you wish!

Many of the resources are ideal for use right across the curriculum, including in Science, Media Studies and English.

On the site you'll find:

Over 30 video clips edited from footage filmed by Richard Garriott during his mission to the International Space Station in October 2008, including Zero G science demonstrations, explanations of life in orbit, and experiments in response to questions from children in the UK and USA.

'Raw' versions these edited clips, without captions, effects and graphics, so you can use them to edit your own versions of Richard's activities in Space.

Additional Space footage from and other sources.

Audio clips and science explanations relating to Richard's demonstrations.

Photos from Richard's space adventure and elsewhere.

A selection of useful sound effects.

Tips, guidance, resources and links to other information about video editing, creating digital 'mashups' and story-telling.

Links to other information about Space science and exploration.

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