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Young History Project

A collaboration between universities, secondary schools, and heritage institutions which engaged young people in original historical research.

  • School/Institute/Department: School of History
  • Subjects: History
  • Audience: KS3, KS4, KS5, Sixth Form, GCSE, A-Level, Teachers

Young History Workshop is a collaboration between universities, secondary schools, and heritage institutions. The project engages young people, mostly from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, in original historical research, thereby providing a stimulus to their intellectual growth and an incentive for them to progress into higher education. A very successful YHW pilot was run in eight London secondary schools in 2010-2011. The Centre for Public Engagement provided funding to enhance the public profile and impact of Young History Workshop by funding the production of a film and multi-page website based on the 'History, the Nation and the Schools' conference (June 30th 2012).

Due to the great interest this project drew at the conference, the film and website for the Young History Project is available to view here.

This project was funded by a Centre for Public Engagement Large Award. All Large Award projects were asked to produce a poster, giving more details about the project and sharing learning gained from it. You can see the poster for the Young History Workshop here [PDF].

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