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Urban River Survey

Using public input to help in tracking and developing best practice for managing non-native plants invading river networks in London and the wider UK.

  • School/Institute/Department: Urban River Survey
  • Subjects: Geography
  • Audience: A-Level, Adult, General Public

This project aims to engage with London’s citizens in tracking and developing best practice for managing plant invaders of London’s river network. There are three complementary activities: 

(i) the development of a web tool to engage with citizens and support them in identifying and reporting the locations and abundance of alien plant species along London’s watercourses and to interactively map these data; 

(ii)  the organisation of knowledge exchange workshops through which interested citizens, members of voluntary conservation organisations, and river managers can pool observations from the web tool and other sources with practical experience and scientific knowledge to develop best practice management guidelines; 

(iii) dissemination of the best practice guidelines through the web tool.

This project was funded by a Centre for Public Engagement Large Award. All Large Award projects were asked to produce a poster, giving more details about the project and sharing learning gained from it. You can see the poster for the Urban River Survey here [PDF]

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