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The Aylesbury Estate as home

An exhibition at the Geffrye Museum and symposium exploring the history and sotries behind ‘vilified’ modernist high-rise estate, the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark.

Aylesbury Estate
  • School/Institute/Department: School of Geography, Centre for Studies of Home, Geffrye Museum
  • Subjects: History, Geography, Sociology, Social History, Artist-led Community Participation, London Housing Crisis
  • Audience: Aylesbury Estate residents, Architects, Museum Visitors, Estate Residents, Community Groups, Artists

The project involves an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum and symposium about a ‘vilified’ modernist high-rise estate, the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark. It is based on research that is affiliated with the Centre for Studies of Home, a partnership between QMUL and the Geffrye Museum.

The exhibition will involve a series of cases that provide a biography of the Aylesbury Estate through mixed media such as text, sound and photography – from its utopian beginning in the late 1960s, to its decline in the 1980s and current demolition and regeneration. There will also be two artworks, as part of collaboration with artist Nadege Meriau.

The first of these is a metaphorical film about how modernist utopia has been gradually unmade at the estate (and others across Europe).

The second is a dwelling-like sculpture made out of papier mâché bricks that involves artist-led community participation. To facilitate learning, dialogue and creativity, estate residents, architects involved in the regeneration and museum visitors will contribute to the making of the sculpture together, for example, by building this alongside each other in the exhibition space during opening hours.

A symposium will also be organised to explore Home in the Housing Crisis, one of the wider themes of the exhibition.

This project received large award funding from the Centre for Public Engagement.

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