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Promoting Medical Research at QMUL

A series of short videos featuring QMUL academics explaining the impact that their research has on people's lives.

Promoting Medical Research at QMUL
  • School/Institute/Department: School of Medicine and Dentistry, Blizard Institute
  • Subjects: Medicine, Impact, Videos
  • Audience: General Public

This project involved the use of short videos, delivered by senior Blizard academics in October 2013, with the aim of informing people about some of the medical research being carried out in the Institute and their impact. The seven videos caputured enthusiastic researchers talking about what they do to camera, which were turned into short videos to be put on the internet.  

The videos introduce viewers to the research field, the real-life issues faced, and how work at QM has addressed, or is working to address, these.  By answering these questions the videos aim to increase awareness of research impact at Queen Mary amongst a wider audience by explaining the clear link between research and its effect on people’s lives.

The idea of research ‘impact’ is a much discussed topic in higher education (HE). It is a key criteria in the 2014 REF and is becoming more and more important in winning funding applications and research assessment. However, as well as conducting research that delivers impact it is also important to communicate the importance of delivering research with impact to both a wider audience and to promote its importance to an academic audience.

Videos such as these have the potential to demonstrate the relevance of research to people’s everyday lives in a time of tight HE funding and greater concern over where taxpayer’s money goes, as well as promoting how to deliver impact amongst colleagues and other QMUL staff.

The project also sought to use the videos to discover how audiences interact with them, analysing YouTube Analytics to formulate ideas on best practice for future projects. The seven videos were promoted though social media channels, using search friendly titles and descriptions to attract organic traffic as well, with the click through analytics analysed to better target public audiences with future video projects.

The videos can be found online here.

The project was funded by a Queen Mary Centre for Public Engagement Small Award

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