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Aftertrauma is a website and forum that uses an online community and information from the Centre for Trauma Sciences to support the survivors of traumatic injury through recovery.

  • School/Institute/Department: Centre for Trauma Sciences, Medicine
  • Subjects: Trauma, Medicine, Health, Support
  • Audience: Patients is a website that has been developed by the Centre for Trauma Sciences (C4TS) to provide a comprehensive online resource dedicated to helping trauma survivors, and those around them, through their recovery.

After Trauma has two main features. Its online forum provides a community for patients, families and friends to connect and improve support together, both in hospital and once discharged. The website also contains a range of information and resources to help survivors and families on the recovery journey in the main areas of:

  • the physical and emotional impact of traumatic injuries
  • the recovery journey
  • where survivors and their families can access help locally

This information comes directly from clinicians and support services working in trauma services, creating a place for Queen Mary researchers and clinicians to share their knowledge and experience to directly help those affected by the subject they work in.

Traumatic injury refers to physical injuries of sudden onset and severity which require immediate medical attention. For example; road collisions, falls, cycling accidents or violent assaults or accidents. It is the third biggest cause of preventable death in any age group in England and Wales, and the main cause of death in people under the age of 44.

The website has been designed with the ability to grow and develop to incorporate new knowledge, and will expand as more end users use the forums, allowing conversation between those who have lived through traumatic injury. The topics that emerge will act to inform the information provided on the site by Queen Mary’s clinicians.

It is well recognised that there simply isn’t enough trauma after-care and support in the UK, with limited access to rehabilitation and counselling. Getting back to a normal life often depends largely on family support or the local resources available.  Our goal is for to make the search for help far easier, and for those facing the same challenges to find each other and give support.
Karen Hoffman, Occupational Therapist and Senior Research Fellow

Aftertrauma has been set up in 2015 by the Centre for Trauma Sciences, the website can be accessed here.

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