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Science on Stage

An international festival of excellence in STEM teaching. Over 350 teachers, chosen competitively from across Europe and Canada, will gather to exchange innovative and creative teaching methods.

Science on Stage Festival 2015
  • School/Institute/Department: Science on Stage
  • Subjects: Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Teaching
  • Audience: Teaching Professionals

Put away your textbooks, today we’re going to try something different…

In June 2015 Queen Mary will proudly play host to the 9th ‘Science on Stage Festival’, an international showcase of the most creative and innovative talents in primary and secondary science education across Europe.

The need to engage children in the sciences has rarely been so important, with business leaders warning of crippling skills gaps as our scientists retire without enough well-trained replacements. The Confederation of British Industry recently warned that this risks “putting a brake on the economic recovery”.

Therefore, the first ever UK visit of the 4 day festival could not have come at a better time. Hosted in the newly refurbished People’s Palace, teachers will gather to exchange and discuss the best methods for inspiring the next generation in science, engineering and mathematics.

Following national competitive events in 27 countries across Europe and Canada, discussions will be driven by 350 specialists chosen for their passion and vision in transforming science education. Ideas will be shared through stalls, workshops and presentations, with forums and social events encouraging discussion and networking.

Science on Stage was established in 2000 to inspire, inform and provide a forum for science teachers to exchange ideas. The biennial festival acts as a celebration of these efforts and a platform for ideas to be shared internationally, with the aim of realising students’ potential through teachers.

By inspiring and motivating teachers to share best practice, we in turn enthuse our students. Teachers who attend Science on Stage events return to their own countries full of practical ideas that can, and do, transform their teaching.
David Featonby, The Institute of Physics

Places are available for teachers in any STEM subject at primary or secondary level. For more information please visit our website

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