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Theorem of the Day

An online collection of over 200 one page descriptions of different theorems, each page explaining a beautiful piece of maths in a nutshell.

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During the course of eight years, the website has been developed to celebrate the beauty of mathematics through its theorems. There are currently 200 one-page (pdf) descriptions; one being automatically selected each day as 'Theorem of the Day'. In addition there is a glossary, bibliography, alphabetical index, and index of featured mathematicians; public mathematics events are publicised in an events listing; and items of mathematical news are posted regularly. There is a separate listing of theorems by women mathematicians and this gives rise, sporadically, to the issue of a calendar called "12 Theorems by Women Mathematicians"

The website has received high praise from its Visitor’s Book, with one individual commenting, "I recently bought an A level maths book to try and brush up on the maths I've forgotten since my college days. Its thank's to this site I got back into maths in the first place."

This  consistent, one-page, gallery-piece format helps distinguish this site from, Wikipedia, and famous online learning resources such as, or Mudd Math.You have a beautiful piece of maths in a nutshell, with a pictorial example, an explanation, and links to explore further. If somebody just wants to look at the pictures (and mathematics provides some stunning set-pieces) then that is fine – the hope is that even a novice will find something to admire, even in the most difficult theorem.

Theorem of the Day was awarded the 2013 Lucy Hawking Award for Best Public Engagement Resource

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