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The Dinosaur Collective

QMUL researchers contribute to a collection of successful and high-profile blogs and websites which provide information about ongoing research in palaeontology.

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  • School/Institute/Department: School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
  • Subjects: Biology, Dinosaurs
  • Audience: Sixth form, Undergraduates, Postgraduates

QM biologist David Hone runs and/or contributes to a number of successful and high-profile blogs and websites The Lost Worlds on The Guardian, The Archosaur Musings and which collectively provide information to the public about ongoing research in palaeontology and provide material concerning key skills for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

A number of these articles have promoted key ideas in palaeontology (e.g. the dinosaurian origin of birds) or provide guides for basic skills in biology or science for students, both undergraduates and postgrads (e.g. how to write papers or read phylogenetic trees). 

A great deal of material is available on these sites and continues to be added. 

These sites collectively reach a wide audience with Musings having in excess of 1.25 million hits in total and averaging over 1000 a day, with a similar daily total on The Lost Worlds, and peaks for some articles in excess of 35,000 readers for the latter.

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