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About public engagement at Queen Mary

Queen Mary University of London has a long history of public engagement, having started life as the People's Palace, built in 1887 to provide culture, entertainment and education to the people of east London. Queen Mary have continued this tradition to the present day, building involvement into institutional strategy and supporting a wide range of activities aimed at public engagement.

In 2012 QMUL set up the Centre for Public Engagement, with the purpose of advising and supporting engaged activity, working to embed public engagement further within the university. 

We are proud of our record of working with others to discover and spread new knowledge and help to better the world around us. To see a range of the work that we do you can visit our 'Be Inspired' page containing many of the public engagement projects that have involved Queen Mary, our staff and students.


Queen Mary has a long history of public engagement, from our roots as the People's Palace to the present day.


Our commitment to public engagement is reflected in the development of a working strategy to support its integration.

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