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Excellent supervision is crucial to achieving your goals as a research student. At Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) all supervisors complete a programme of supervisory training, including regular update training, to ensure they offer our research students the best possible supervision.

All research students are provided with a supervisory team consisting of at least two supervisors who between them are able to offer both subject expertise and experience of having supervised students to successful completion of their research degrees.

Your supervisory team will not only guide you in your research, but will help you to identify the research specific and wider transferable skills you will need to become a successful independent researcher; guiding you towards the wide array of training opportunities QMUL offers (see Training and development). 

Finding and making contact with a potential supervisor

Start with establishing that the school or department you wish to study in has expertise in your area of interest. Some schools/institutes encourage students to make direct contact with supervisors before beginning the application process, other schools/institutes prefer students to contact them centrally first, please see the list of research degree subjects to find the relevant School/Institute information about contacting potential supervisors.

What will the supervisor be looking for?

When you contact a possible supervisor, they will be looking for certain things to ensure you are a suitable PhD candidate.

  • That your project is suitable for PhD study
  • That you as a prospective student have the academic strength to complete your project
  • That the project can be completed within the required time
  • That they have the relevant knowledge to supervise your project
  • That the school/institute can support your project and that they have the necessary facilities and resources to do this
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