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Fit, healthy… and struck by high blood pressure

Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine: Professor Graham MacGregor

William Harvey Research Institute: Professor Mark Caulfield and Professor Patricia Munroe

Fit, healthy… and struck by high blood pressure

The Observer
Four years ago, Mark Honigsbaum was told he had high blood pressure despite being of average weight, not smoking, and eating healthily. Professor MacGregor describes him as “lucky to have discovered it at an early age and been given the opportunity to do something about it”, as hypertension is a “silent killer”. Research on 200,000 people that was led by Professor Mark Caulfield and Dr Patricia Munroe at the William Harvey Research Institute suggests that there may be “hundreds of genes responsible for the regulation of blood pressure, each one with very small effects, meaning that a useful genetic test lies some way in the future”.

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