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News story: Digital music to feel impact of Big Data
25 February 2014

A new project that will use large music collections – so called Big Data – to support music research has been launched by Queen Mary University of London, City University London, University College London and the British Library.

News story: Queen Mary climbs QS World Rankings
25 February 2014

A highly-regarded global analysis of 3,000 universities ranks 21 subjects taught at Queen Mary University of London as among the world’s best, two more subjects than in 2013.

Professor David Southern News story: QC appointment for Queen Mary professor
24 February 2014

One of the UK's top tax barristers, and a legal academic from Queen Mary University of London, is to be appointed as Queen's Counsel, it has been announced.

News story: QML welcomes Iraqi and Moroccan delegations
24 February 2014

Queen Mary University of London (QML) hosted high level delegations from Iraq and Morocco this week, giving a first-hand insight into the opportunities and challenges faced in the home countries of our visitors.

News story: Two thirds of women are not taking folic acid supplements before pregnancy to prevent spina bifida
19 February 2014

New research from Queen Mary University of London reveals less than 1 in 3 women have taken folic acid supplements before pregnancy to prevent spina bifida and other birth defects of the brain, spine, or spinal cord (neural tube defects). This is despite research from 1991 showing that such conditions could be prevented in most cases by increasing the intake of the B-vitamin folic acid before pregnancy.

Graphene - image courtesy of AlexanderAIUS News story: New study reveals communications potential of graphene
19 February 2014

Providing secure wireless connections and improving the efficiency of communication devices could be another application for graphene, as demonstrated by scientists at Queen Mary University of London and the Cambridge Graphene Centre.

Professor C. Raj Kumar and Professor Simon Gaskell News story: New UK-India study partnership in law, business, politics and public policy
18 February 2014

Queen Mary University of London and OP Jindal Global University, based in Delhi, India, have signed an agreement to collaborate on research and teaching in social sciences subjects, including twinned Masters programmes.

Actual Experience opened the market at the London Stock Exchange News story: Fourfold rise in Actual Experience shares on first day of trading
18 February 2014

A Queen Mary University of London spinout company, which helps companies manage their digital supply chains, saw shares jump to more than four times their float price on its first day listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

St Clement's Hospital News story: Student filmmakers host Shuffle Festival events at St Clement’s
17 February 2014

Danny Boyle's award-winning arts festival is collaborating with staff and student-film makers at Queen Mary University of London this February for a new exhibition on the history of an east London psychiatric hospital.

News story: Crayfish study provides complicated web of interactions
17 February 2014

How different species of invasive crayfish interact with each other and affect their local environment has been uncovered for the first time by scientists at Queen Mary University of London.

2013 STARS at Barts Cancer Institute News story: Sixth-form students become cancer-research STARS
13 February 2014

A-level students are gaining first-hand experience in cutting-edge cancer research, thanks to a new programme created at Queen Mary University of London’s Barts Cancer Institute (BCI).

Photo © Linda Brownlee News story: Damon Albarn to play Queen Mary
12 February 2014

Damon Albarn will be playing The Great Hall at Queen Mary University of London on 1 May, to coincide with the release of his first solo album, Everyday Robots.

News story: Study reveals unexpected cell hijack method in pancreatic cancer
11 February 2014

Pancreatic stellate cells, which normally aid tissue repair, unwittingly help pancreatic cancer grow and spread in a method of ‘cell hijack’ only seen before in brain and breast cancer, according to new research from Queen Mary University of London.

Male fallow deer calling News story: Fight or flight? Vocal cues help deer decide during mating season
10 February 2014

Male fallow deer are sensitive to changes in the groans that rivals make during mating season when competing for the attention of female deer, and can assess the level of threat other males pose simply from vocal cues, according to new research from Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Simon Lewis News story: Queen Mary helps find Europe’s oldest footprints
7 February 2014

The earliest human footprints outside of Africa have been uncovered, on the English coast, by a team of scientists led by Queen Mary University of London, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum.

News story: New disease gene discovery sheds light on cause of bone marrow failure
6 February 2014

New research from Queen Mary University of London has identified a novel genetic defect among patients with bone marrow failure, which could reveal its underlying cause.

Classical guitarist Michael Poll tries out the experimental digital music cube News story: Digital music gets a cubist makeover
6 February 2014

An eight-inch wooden cube may be an unlikely spark for a musical revolution – but that’s the hope of a collaboration of electronic engineers at Queen Mary University of London and musicians working towards hackable electronic instruments that performers can easily modify to produce sounds in surprising new ways.

News story: Detection of Down syndrome during pregnancy improves for younger women
5 February 2014

New figures from the National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register (NDSCR) based at Queen Mary University of London, reveal the proportion of Down syndrome cases diagnosed antenatally has increased in younger women.  Furthermore, Down syndrome diagnoses are occurring earlier in pregnancy for women of all ages. 

News story: East London teenagers present 100 years of medical history
4 February 2014

Young Londoners have travelled back in time some 100 years to discover how people lived, worked and died in the East End and what impact the area’s medical history has on the current generation.

News story: Queen Mary’s Pathology Museum to host international mortality and mourning event
3 February 2014

A three day discussion on mortality, mourning, death and dying, and their resonating effect on culture and history is set to take place at Barts Pathology Museum this April.

News story: New programme to support computing teaching launched
31 January 2014

A new set of free workshops and resources to support those who teach computing in London will be debuted at Queen Mary University of London on Monday 3 February.

News story: Year on year rise in undergraduate student applications repeated for 2014
29 January 2014

Applications to study at undergraduate level at Queen Mary University of London are up almost 15 per cent this year, according to statistics released by Ucas after their undergraduate application deadline in January*.

News story: Schizophrenia in the limelight: film-industry technology provides insights into social exclusion
20 January 2014The first 30 seconds of a social encounter is crucial for people with symptoms of schizophrenia for establishing contact with people, according to new research carried out at Queen Mary University of London.
Inside Centre of the Cell News story: Sense-ational school break science fun at Centre of the Cell
20 January 2014

How can astronauts have secret conversations in space? Why do your feet go numb in cold water? And why does spicy food set your tongue on fire? Centre of the Cell will be answering these questions and more this half-term.

News story: New discovery on Giant Cell Arteritis sheds light on cause
17 January 2014

New research from Queen Mary University of London has revealed – for the first time – how the condition Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) may be caused by a certain group of white blood cells called ‘neutrophils’. GCA (also known as temporal arteritis) is a condition which causes severe inflammation in the blood vessels and primarily affects the elderly.

News story: From Westminster to Whitechapel: Queen Mary takes part in Royal Society Pairing scheme
17 January 2014

Professor Lord Winston – the distinguished medical scientist, television presenter and life peer – will be visiting Queen Mary University of London on January 17 2014 as part of a unique ‘pairing’ scheme run by the Royal Society, the UK national academy of science.

News story: Economics and Finance partners with top European consultancy
16 January 2014

Paid work placements with one of Europe’s leading economic consultancies will be open to Economics postgraduates at Queen Mary University of London, thanks to a new partnership.

News story: Screening helps prevent cervical cancer in older women
15 January 2014

New research from Queen Mary University of London reveals women over the age of 50 who don’t attend cervical screening are six times more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer in later life.

News story: Alternative Valentine's at Barts Pathology Museum
14 January 2014

Lovesick hysterics, plundered hearts and the history of sexually transmitted diseases will be discussed in a series of February lectures at Barts Pathology Museum, part of Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Student-led legal service for Tech City entrepreneurs launches
13 January 2014

Google Campus will host the launch of a free legal advice service for digital start-ups based in east London on Wednesday 22 January. 

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