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News story: Kickstarter to raise cash for interactive audio platform
11 March 2016

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched by a team from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) who have developed a computing platform for high quality, ultra responsive interactive audio.

News story: QMUL awarded share of £1.7 million HEFCE grant to develop engineering and computer science conversion courses
11 March 2016

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has been awarded a portion of £1.7m in funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to develop four MSc courses.

News story: Brain tumour research community falls silent to remember lives lost
11 March 2016

Many thousands of people who have lost their lives to brain tumours were remembered as a minute’s silence was observed at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) to mark national Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

Professor Kevin Homewood News story: QMUL Professor wins £245,000 innovation prize
10 March 2016

Professor Kevin Homewood, of the School of Physics and Astronomy, has won a £245,298 Brian Mercer Award for Innovation to further his research into silicon detectors.

Sam Amrani News story: QMUL alumnus named in Maserati 100 list of British entrepreneurs
10 March 2016

A QMUL alumnus has been listed in the Maserati 100 index which recognises Britain’s most successful philanthropists, investors, mentors and advisors, and upcoming entrepreneurs supporting the next generation of business talent.

East London Genes & Health team collecting saliva samples from volunteers © Jorge Duarte Estevao News story: Study reveals the effect of genetic ‘knockouts’ on human health
4 March 2016

Only a fraction of genes appear to be essential for human life, according to researchers from the East London Genes & Health project, working with Born in Bradford and others.

News story: £1.2m grant awarded for research to prevent cause of sudden death in young adults
3 March 2016

QMUL awarded £1.2 million funding by British Heart Foundation for vital research into myocarditis.

Credit: Michelle Hauge News story: What does geographic profiling have to do with modern art?
3 March 2016

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have shown research on infectious disease outbreaks can been adapted to study the locations of artworks by graffiti artist Banksy.

News story: Health experts call on Government to ban tackling in school rugby
2 March 2016

The UK and Irish governments are being warned that they should do more to protect school children from injury, including head trauma, while playing rugby.

The Warblr team News story: QMUL projects shortlisted for The Guardian University Awards 2016
1 March 2016

Two QMUL projects have been shortlisted for The Guardian University Awards 2016.

News story: Civil liberties at risk as agencies seek new powers to deal with cloud communications
25 February 2016

An expert in internet law has warned that the growth of cloud-based communications may pose a threat to civil liberties, as intelligence agencies seek new powers to deal with ‘extra-territorial’ services such as WhatsApp.

Flowers can be dazzlingly colourful, but new work shows that there is a limit to just how dazzling they want to be. Iridescence, where colours look different from different vantage points, is kept at moderate levels in flowers so as not to confuse pollinating bees. Photo credit: Lars Chittka News story: Flowers tone down the iridescence of their petals and avoid confusing bees
25 February 2016

Flowers’ iridescent petals, which may look plain to human eyes, produce the perfect signal for bees, according to a new study involving researchers from QMUL.

Ossian Ensemble News story: Festival to explore link between music and the mind
23 February 2016

A mini-festival exploring the psychological and therapeutic impact of music is to be held at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

News story: Season of music launches at QMUL
12 February 2016

QMUL has launched a season of music for spring/summer 2016 which aims to inspire, inform and intrigue by combining concerts with the university’s world leading research.

News story: New book uses science to reveal secrets to finding love in a digital world
12 February 2016

Scientists have compiled their analysis on how to find success in the world of online dating into a new book released this week. The book is the first of its kind to be based on robust studies of human behaviour.

News story: School kids revamp Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale with rap battles
12 February 2016

East London school kids updated Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale with rap battles and their own melodies and rhythms in a performance at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on 9 February.

Credit: l.bailey_beverley via Wikimedia Commons News story: Common antimalarial drug could be used to treat major injury
12 February 2016

A common anti-malarial drug Artesunate could be used to reduce organ failure following injury, according to an early study in rats led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Volunteers at Snowdon News story: QMUL students raise more than £48,000 for Charity Week
10 February 2016

Students from QMUL and Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry have raised an impressive £48,567.13 for Charity Week 2015.

Common European starfish credit: Ray Crundwell News story: Starfish reveal the origins of brain messenger molecules
10 February 2016

Biologists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have discovered the genes in starfish that encode neuropeptides - a common type of chemical found in human brains. The revelation gives researchers new insights into how neural function evolved in the animal kingdom.

Professor Jef Huysmans' lecture looked at the EU refugee crisis and terrorism. News story: Paris seminar series focuses on European politics
9 February 2016

Europe’s refugee crisis and the terrorist attacks in Paris are being connected within a broader framework of “violent democracy”, argued Queen Mary University of London (QMUL’s) Professor Jef Huysmans, at a public lecture at the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP).

Colonies of Synechocystis bacteria News story: Slime can see
9 February 2016

After more than 300 years of looking, scientists led by Queen Mary University of London, have figured out how bacteria “see” their world. And they do it in a remarkably similar way to us. 

News story: Emergency blood transfusions for major trauma need to be more rapid and consistent
4 February 2016

Only two per cent of patients with life-threatening bleeding after serious injury receive optimal blood transfusion therapy in England and Wales, according to research led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and NHS Blood and Transplant.

Dr Chavaunne Thorpe riding her horse Betsy     CREDIT: Gabrielle Thorpe News story: Scientists overcome hurdles for champion racehorses
4 February 2016

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) are a step closer to preventing the kind of injuries that affect ageing race horses like champion hurdler Rock on Ruby, the winner of Coral Hurdle at Ascot in 2015.

News story: MPs are worlds apart on Europe, finds new poll
1 February 2016

Just five per cent of Tory MPs strongly agree that the UK has ‘greatly benefitted from being a member of the EU’, compared with 51 per cent of Labour MPs. The findings are from 98 face-to-face interviews with MPs, conducted by the Ipsos Mori Reputation Centre and led by Professors Tim Bale and Philip Cowley.

News story: Why size matters, new treatments for old diseases and internet jurisdiction – QMUL’s Inaugural Lecture series continues
26 January 2016

QMUL's free Inaugural Lecture series returns for the New Year with special talks from academics starting with Professor Marina Resmini’s on why size matters in nanotechnology and the implications that can have in applications such as drug delivery.

Photo: Ray Crundwell News story: QMUL hosts Lego League tournament for London schools
22 January 2016

School kids from across London competed to solve the world’s ‘Trash’ problems as part of a First Lego League tournament hosted by the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

News story: Laws of nature predict cancer evolution
20 January 2016

Cancers evolve over time in patterns governed by the same mathematical laws that drive natural processes such as the flow of rivers or the brightness of stars, reports a study led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and The Institute of Cancer Research.

News story: Not the right time to raise interest rates, says Governor of the Bank of England
19 January 2016

The Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has said that now is not the time to hike interest rates. In a major speech at Queen Mary University of London, Mr Carney said that plummeting oil prices and an uncertain global environment meant that “tighter monetary policy was not yet necessary".

Kieran Hashmi won a place at a Russian cosmonaut training centre News story: QMUL student wins cosmonaut training experience in Russia
15 January 2016

A third-year Physics student at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has won a place at a Russian cosmonaut training centre for a video submitted to a competition launched to mark British astronaut Tim Peake’s momentous visit to the International Space Station (ISS).  

News story: Bankers suppress their identities to survive and thrive at work, finds study
15 January 2016

Senior investment bankers don’t care what others think of them and don’t see their work as part of their identities, according to a study from Queen Mary University of London.

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