'Dear Magic Makers and Practitioners of the Noble Art of Mathematics,

Welcome. Within the pages of this book you will find inventive illusions and mind-melting magic to amaze you and your friends and family. You will also explore some fundamental mathematics powering the tricks. Learning and entertaining go hand in hand in magic. Understanding the secret techniques, combined with fantastic presentation and practice can make any trick unbelievable.

We invite you to explore.'

Download Maths Magic Book
Download Maths Magic Book [PDF 13.29 MB]

Meet the authors

Jason Davison is a Master of Mathematics (MMath) student at Warwick University. This is where his interests in magic and maths began to combine. He is a semi-professional magician, putting his skills to use at weddings and business events.

Peter McOwan
is a Professor of Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London with particular interest in artificial intelligence. Drawing on his lifelong interest in magic, he uses these ideas to help teach mathematics and science concepts and was awarded the IET Mountbatten medal in 2011 for promoting computer science to diverse audiences.

Notes to Teachers

We hope you will be able to use this book in the classroom to help you teach many of the basic concepts in mathematics in an engaging and entertaining way. All the tricks are self-working and easy to do, and have been tested in UK classrooms. For UK teachers the topics have been mapped to many of the topics for mathematics Key Stage 4 however teachers in other countries will also find this material useful. The book may be photocopied for non-commercial use, and there are a number of easy to copy worksheets also included.

A sound understanding of basic mathematics underpins science and engineering; we hope this book helps you teach these subjects and also gives you and your pupils the opportunity to develop presentation and communication skills. It may also open the door for others to create new mathematical magic.

This book was developed by Queen Mary’s Centre for Public Engagement as part of the Strategic Partnership between Queen Mary, University of London and Warwick University. This collaboration is an agreement between two leading universities that aims to enhance each institution's strengths in teaching, learning and research through an expanding range of joint initiatives.

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