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International Student Standard Tuition Fees 2012/13

Prog CodeCourse description


NN12Business Management - BSc£12,250
Q200Comparative Literature - BA£12,250
QP23Comparative Literature with Film Studies - BA£12,250
QQ21Comparative Literature with Linguistics - BA£12,250
W400Drama - BA£12,250
W411Drama (Performance) - BA£12,250
L1EDEconomics - Graduate Diploma£12,250
L100Economics - BSc (Econ)£12,250
LN13Economics and Finance - BSc (Econ)£12,250
LL12Economics and Politics - BSc (Econ)£12,250
Q300English - BA£12,250
QW34English and Drama - BA£12,250
QW36English and Film Studies - BA£12,250
QR31English and French - BA£12,250
RQ23English and German - BA£12,250
RQ43 English and Hispanic Studies - BA£12,250
QV31English and History - BA£12,250
QQ31English and Linguistics  - BA£12,250
QR3XEnglish and Russian - BA£12,250
QQH1English Language and Linguistics - BA£12,250
QQ13English Literature and Linguistics - BA£12,250
P303Film Studies - BA£12,250
WW46Film Studies and Drama - BA£12,250
RW16Film Studies and French - BA£12,250
RW26Film Studies and German - BA£12,250
RW46Film Studies and Hispanic Studies - BA£12,250
RWX6Film Studies and Russian - BA£12,250
R100French - BA£12,250
RR19French (European Studies) - BA£12,250
RQ12French and Comparative Literature - BA£12,250
WR41French and Drama - BA£12,250
LR11French and Economics - BA£12,250
LR71French and Geography - BA£12,250
RR21French and German - BA£12,250
TR99French and German (European Studies) - BA£12,250
RR41French and Hispanic Studies - BA£12,250
TRY9French and Hispanic Studies (European Studies) - BA£12,250
VR11French and History - BA£12,250
RQ11French and Linguistics - BA£12,250
LR21French and Politics - BA£12,250
RR1XFrench and Russian - BA£12,250
R1N1French with Business Management - BA£12,250
L700Geography (Human) - BA£12,250
F800Geography (Physical) - BSc£12,250
L721Geography - BSc (Econ)£12,250
LL71Geography and Economics - BSc (Econ)£12,250
LL72Geography and Politics - BA£12,250
F8N1Geography with Business Management - BSc (Econ)£12,250
R201German - BA£12,250
QR22German and Comparative Literature - BA£12,250
WR42German and Drama - BA£12,250
LR12German and Economics - BA£12,250
LR72German and Geography - BA£12,250
RR24German and Hispanic Studies - BA£12,250
RRFKGerman and Hispanic Studies (European Studies) - BA£12,250
RQ21German and Linguistics - BA£12,250
LR22German and Politics - BA£12,250
RRX2German and Russian - BA£12,250
RRGXGerman and Russian (European Studies) - BA£12,250
RR29German (European Studies) - BA£12,250
R2N1German with Business Management - BA£12,250
R451Hispanic Studies - BA£12,250
R490Hispanic Studies and Catalan Language - BA£12,250
QR24Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature - BA£12,250
WR44Hispanic Studies and Drama - BA£12,250
LR14Hispanic Studies and Economics - BA£12,250
LR74Hispanic Studies and Geography - BA£12,250
RQ41Hispanic Studies and Linguistics - BA£12,250
LR24Hispanic Studies and Politics - BA£12,250
RR45Hispanic Studies and Portuguese - BA£12,250
RR4XHispanic Studies and Russian - BA£12,250
RR49Hispanic Studies (European Studies) - BA£12,250
R4N1Hispanic Studies with Business Management - BA£12,250
V101History - BA£12,250
VQ12History and Comparative Literature - BA£12,250
VW16History and Film Studies - BA£12,250
VRBZHistory and German - BA£12,250
VR12History and German Language - BA£12,250
LV21History and Politics - BA£12,250
L720Human Geography - BA£12,250
L250International Relations - BA£12,250
PV51Journalism and Contemporary History - BA£12,250
PV5CJournalism and Contemporary History (full year overseas) - BA£12,250
PV5EJournalism and Contemporary History (full year placement) - BA£12,250
PV5DJournalism and Contemporary History (half overseas-half placement) - BA£12,250
LM11Law and Economics - BA£12,250
ML12Law and Politics (qualifying law degree) - BA£12,250
M1R2Law with German Language - BA£12,250
G102Mathematics - MSci£12,250
FG31Mathematics and Physics - BSc£12,250
GG31Mathematics and Statistics - BSc£12,250
G1L1Mathematics and Statistics with Finance - BSc£12,250
G1N1Mathematics with Business Management - BSc£12,250
G1N4Mathematics with Finance and Accounting - BSc£12,250
GGX1Mathematics with Foundation 4 Year - BSc (other than Year 0)£12,250
GGY1Mathematics with Foundation 5 Year - MSc (other than Year 0)£12,250
G1C8Mathematics with Psychology - BSc£12,250
G1G3Mathematics with Statistics - BSc£12,250
V130Medieval History - BA£12,250
V140Modern and Contemporary History - BA£12,250
F840Physical Geography - BSc£12,250
L202Politics - BA£12,250
L2NFPolitics with Business Management - BA£12,250
L2R5Public Policy - MRes£12,250
M1UTPublic Policy - MSc£12,250
G110Pure Mathematics - MSc£12,250
RX10Russian - BA£12,250
QR2XRussian and Comparative Literature - BA£12,250
WR4XRussian and Drama - BA£12,250
LR7XRussian and Geography - BA£12,250
QR1XRussian and Linguistics - BA£12,250
LR2XRussian and Politics - BA£12,250
RXN1Russian with Business Management - BA£12,250

Part-time fees

Most part-time programmes run for two years and their fees are one half of the standard full-time programme fees. If the full-time programme fee increases in the second year, then you will be required to pay one half of the increased fee.

Queen Mary contact details

If you have any queries about fee payment please contact the Fees Office:
Tel: +44(0)20 7882 7676, +44 (0)20 7882 3685 or +44 (0)20 7882 7775
Fax: +44 (0)20 7882 3024

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