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The Arts of Logistics

Date: 10:00AM, 03 June 2016 - 7:45PM, 04 June 2016
Venue: Film and Drama Studio, Arts Two

Keynote presentations 

Deborah Cowen & Alberto Toscano

'The Arts of Logistics' brings together scholars, activists, and artists from across the humanities and social sciences to interrogate how social movements and the arts respond to a world remade by logistics. Long an important topic for economists, management theorists, and sociologists, logistics is only recently emerging as an object of substantive study by artists and researchers in the humanities. Thus, this conference seeks to further define scholarly, political, and artistic conversations on the nexus of political economy, anti-capitalist struggle, and art.

Come and join for presentations in disciplines such as human geography, art history, architecture, literature, performance and critical theory. In additions to keynote and panel presentations, there will be a book launch and reception.

Booking is not required. 

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